New Site Launched to Help Gamers Make Legal Backups of Their Own Video Games

Gaming Enthusiasts welcome new site geared to providing the necessary information and products to enable them to make legal backups to protect their investment.

Online PR News – 07-July-2010 – – With the average price of games well north of $50, it is easy to see how gamers with even just a few games can become concerned with preserving their investment. Most games are delivered in optical format, and though rugged, this medium is far from indestructible. In fact, anyone but the most ardent preservationist would have encountered issues such as scratches and dirt, which on a good day can simply be cleaned, but at worst may render the game inoperable.

A few gamers who shared this common issue got together to develop and launch a new site, which they christened With the site, the developers hope to address three issues; namely, lack of information on preserving and protecting games, the absence of a centralized place where information and products are consolidated, and finally, the absence of a credible source of reviews and ratings to provide the reader with the information they need to make an educated choice.

Many game console owners have more than one system that they operate, and this presents some measure of inconvenience when it comes to getting the right information, and in particular feedback about a specific console or a console-specific game. When they want to learn about game copy software, there are numerous sites that specialize in a particular manufacturer (e.g. Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo) and numerous sites that focus on a particular game or genre (e.g. Halo, Wii Sports). Those sites often sit alone, in a Silo, which is fine if that’s the only console or game you have. Serious gamers have multiple games and multiple consoles, so their search for anything related to their specific application quickly becomes unmanageable.

That is exactly what the launch of is intended to address. The complicated and distributed nature of information related to game preservation means that though the information may be out there, it is all over the place and more than likely, it is not reaching its intended audience. What is needed is a one stop site that provides a game copy wizard review so that the reader can have all of his or her questions answered, in one place, irrespective of the console or the game.

“It’s all there, and we labored to make sure that we develop a site that is not only comprehensive and convenient, but also timely and relevant” notes Dana Goldberg, one of the geniuses behind “As the gaming scene changes, so too does, because a static site might be fine today but it will immediately be obsolete unless it is kept up to date, and we are doing that” Dana Goldberg adds.

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Dana Goldberg