Have Updated WoW Gold Stock Query System For World of Warcraft Players

WGT Online ( ) today updates the launch of a new category on its website, Wow Gold Stock Query, to help wow gold buyers check the stocks in their servers on their site.

Online PR News – 08-July-2010 – – Many players who used to buy wow gold online may face such a question, that whether the seller has enough wow gold stock for the server he is in, or whether the seller can deliver the wow gold to you in a short perion of time or not. To solve this problem, the reliable wow gold seller wgt online ( ) exploited a wow gold inquery system for players three years ago. Now, in order to better satisfy customers updated this system.

Its merits and characters are as follows:
1. Before customers buying wow gold, they can check the stock immediately to confirm whether has enough stock for the server they want to buy gold for. This can guarantee whether the customers can get their wow gold immediately and conveniently or not.
2. When players want to buy wow gold, there is no need for them to ask customer service ahead, since wow gold stock changes a lot all the time, you just need to use WoW Gold Inquiry System to check before you finish the transaction. It can save your precious time.
3. We promise you the fastest delivery. This is unique between all wow gold supply sites.
4. Maybe there will be occasions that some servers are short of wow gold at a time, don't worry about it, we promise to delivery the left wow gold to you within 12 hours.
5. WoW Gold Stock Query System will update every 0.5-1 hour.

After you get the merits of this useful system in your mind, now let me tell you how to use this powerful system in two ways.

First way:
You enter the WGT online website first, there will be a beautiful and clean website comes to you eyes. Then click the 'WoW Gold Stock Query' ( ) button on the left side, you'll see the picture as attached. Select the game World of Warcraft US or World of Warcraft EU, for example, I select World of Warcraft US; then select the server which you want to buy world of warcraft gold for, I select Aegwynn-Horde, then press Query, I can see clearly that there is 14959 gold in stock now. If I want to buy, then press Buy now, and fill in the forms the left information, you'll get your wow gold you ordered quickly.

Second way:
You also need to enter the WGT online website first, after you enter into it, press 'Buy WoW Gold' ( ) up which is in the right side of 'Home' up, you can see the picture as attached.The web page you entered also have WoW Gold Stock Query System. You can do the same way as the i talked above.

You'll feel it is really very easy and convenient to use this system, since always think from their customers' point of view. Their aim is to better satisfy their customers all the time. If you have any suggestion, please kindly let them know, they'll try their best to improve.

At last, let me quote one of the smart players Giovanni's comment to this WoW Gold Stock Query System: "It is really the best and perfect query system I've ever seen during my purchasing for wow gold, hope all of you get the chance to experience it."

About WGT Online:
WGT Online( is a specialized online video game service supplier, such as world of warcraft gold, Aion:the tower of eternity kinah, wow power leveling, Aion power leveling and so on. They try their best to provide best service and competitive price to game player.

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