Remove It Has Just Released A New Report On The Dangers Of Sexting

Nearly 20% of teens admit to sending racy or naked pictures of themselves in text messages.

Online PR News – 08-July-2010 – – New Orleans, La – Remove it Says Beyonce - Lady Gaga's 'Video Phone' Ignores The Dangers of Sexting
New Orleans, La – Ron Collins COO of Remove It says that all it takes is the wrong photo or video posted on Facebook to get indexed by Google, and all parties involved could find themselves in a very bad predicament.

Sexting is pornography, and becomes child porn if the images capture underage teens. The issue of teens sending inappropriate photos is still a matter that has to be policed by the parents of the teens in the photos. My fear is that life will begin to imitate art in a way that could glamorize sexting and lead to the destruction of the online reputations of teens all across this country”

Educating teens on the dangers of sending nude pictures via the internet or cell phones has become so urgent that it was recently addressed by Congressmen George Miller and the Committee on Education & Labor.

Nearly 20% of teens admit to sending racy or naked pictures of themselves in text messages. According to a February 2010 PEW report, 73% of wired American teens now use social networking websites, a significant increase from previous surveys.

Another recent PEW report found that daily text messaging among American teens has shot up in the past year from 38% in February of 2008, to 54% in September 2009.

Many of these same teens are totally unaware of the consequences of Sexting which can be life altering. Sexting has lead to child pornography charges against teen is 10 States, and an increase in the number of pending criminal charges continue to escalate.

Ron Collins went on to say that every parent should take this opportunity to connect with their teens on the issue of Sexting, and the potential future damage of engaging in the act.

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