New Software for Automating Organizational Charting Incorporates Powerful Data Import Features for Talent Management, Succession Planning, and Organizational Development.

Online PR News – 07-July-2010 – – NOVATO, Calif., July 2, 2010 – OfficeWork Software a leading developer and publisher of human resources, project management, and office productivity software, today announced the release of it’s new business organization charting product, OrgChart™ Professional Analytics.
“Continuing OfficeWork Software’s commitment to providing innovative technology and easy-to-use, high-quality software at reasonable prices, OrgChart Professional Analytics fits the niche of medium to large-sized companies that require labor-saving and efficient solutions for Succession Planning, Talent Management, and the frequent re-organizations that are so common in today’s economy,” said Gordon Landies, President of OfficeWork Software. “This product adds to our award-winning Business Solutions line of products, which includes OrgChart Professional, TurboProject® and FlowCharts&More®.

OrgChart Professional Analytics is a powerful workforce visualization tool used in talent management, succession planning and workforce reorganizations. Analytic’s programmable display capabilities give a complete ‘heat map’ visualization of the workforce for easier and more effective people management. Using your HR data, rules are created that automatically format and color individual chart boxes to your specification. With Analytics you will quickly and accurately communicate and evaluate the vitality of your organizations’ talent.

Robust Drawing Toolbox
An extensive graphic design toolbox enables quick and easy organization chart creation and customization using drag-and-drop components.

Unlimited Data Entries
The OrgChart Professional database can handle an unlimited number of employees as well as an unlimited number of custom database fields, attachments, graphics, and links. This allows users to keep all of their personnel data in one place.

Custom Template Creation
Users may quickly and easily enrich the communication power of the organization charts they create by adding color schemes, box shapes, line styles and fonts. Predefined and custom template components make this simple.

Powerful Scenario / What if Planning Tools
“What-if” financial scenarios can be compared to understand the impacts of adding new positions or performing a re-organization.

Audit and Compare Tools
Special tools to show the specific differences between staffing scenarios at a record or data field level are now possible. OrgChart Analytics cuts scenario planning from days and weeks down to minutes.

Powerful Conditional Formatting
Generate custom-colored views quickly and easily with programmable rules.

Powerful Data Import and Database Integration
Users can save time by importing any organization data from Excel, CSV, and a myriad of other popular database applications. Then, with just a few mouse clicks, an organization chart is generated with the supporting personnel database. OrgChart Professional Analytics also allows users to leverage data already stored in corporate personnel databases, including Active Directory, LDAP, SQL, Oracle, and MS Project databases.

Flexible, Ad Hoc Report Creation
The process of report creation is dynamic and flexible, enabling instant creation of phone lists and over 20 project personnel reports. Report output can be exported to PDF, Excel, and more.

Powerful Publishing Options
Organization charts are easily distributed throughout the organization—direct to a corporate intranet, FTP, or website. Managers can distribute whole charts or hyperlinked, sub-charts, depending on the desired level of detail.

Availability and Pricing
OrgChart Professional Analytics pricing can be obtained at our sales department. Call 1-866.331.4534 or visit online at and

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