Jomble raise the bar for speed with best business broadband package

Internet sensation Jomble have uploaded their business broadband package today, offering spectacular file transfer speeds for the kind of prices one would normally associate with cut rate home offers.

Online PR News – 06-July-2010 – – Jomble’s business model, which has always been to give the best business broadband package at sensible prices, has obviously taken hold of the market – their sales figures and take up rate are evidence of a high level of customer satisfaction and onward selling recommendation.

That’s hardly surprising, when one considers the actual bones of Jomble’s broadband for business model. One of the most attractive factors in Jomble’s service, making them top ranked UK business broadband providers, is their exemplary “contention ratio” – which, for the technologically limited, basically means the amount of people they will allow to be using the same line at any one time. Contention ratios are easily the biggest cause of internet slow down: if a ton of people are all trying to use the same network area at the same time, their broadband speed degenerates rapidly. Jomble’s business broadband package is based on a contention ratio that’s better than 50% smaller than average – so Jomble customers reap the benefits of a 1:20 ration (i.e. a maximum of 20 users per network space) rather than the national average of 1:50. The difference that makes, particularly to business users who have a heavy file upload requirement, is sensational. It’s not too much to suggest that it can make the difference between successful business and frustrated clients: broadband for business, after all, is all about enabling quick and efficient use of business’ number one resource, and if that resource can’t be used properly because a contention ration is holding things up, customers get angry. Jomble’s business broadband package makes sure that doesn’t happen.

The price is right, too. Unlike most providers who run broadband for business, Jomble has come up with a fixed monthly fee (£40) carrying a heap of benefits that wouldn’t look out of place next to a monthly figure twice that size. There’s no stress placed on the network by residential users (residential internet use severely disrupts file transfer because it is increasingly heavily based on massive media downloads or streaming) – Jomble only let businesses use their premium business broadband network, which prevents the traditional broadband slow down times of early morning and early evening from obstructing important net work.

With sensational backup facilities, a first rate customer services team and price and contract setups to beat the band, Jomble really do seem to have found a formula that makes their packages the best business broadband around. They’ve worked out what no other provider has, to date – business customers want to be business customers, not add-ons to a residential network. The old adage – do one thing and do it well – made flesh again, Jomble’s business broadband provision is making waves in all the right places. With more customers flocking to them every day, it’s hard to imagine that it will do anything other than get better.