Wildrose Vacations Operates under the Strict Guidelines set by Service Alberta

Alberta based travel club follows rules and regulations set forth by Alberta government.

Online PR News – 16-August-2009 – – Walt Peters
Scottsdale AZ

Wildrose Vacations has been the leading travel club in Canada for quite some time. The rules set forth by Service Alberta have required that these clubs post bonds in excess of $150,000 per location and be subject to investigation at anytime. Unfortunately, these rules that were designed to protect the consumer have instead been taken advantage of by those they were meant to protect. The laws on rescission state very clearly that a consumer has the right to cancel his or her contract at anytime within 10 days of the purchase date. Any consumer can cancel without reason and the travel club at that point has 15 days to refund their monies. There are provisions for billing people that have used the services prior to the cancellation, but some consumers try to take advantage of the clubs to a further extent.

Wild Rose Vacations has over 15,000 happy members but there are always a few people that will never be content no matter what is offered them. A very small number of people not only expected a full refund but they also expected to keep extra sales incentives they received, such as a free TV, BBQ grill or luggage. “It is just amazing” say’s Lance Gore, Sales Director, “how people can expect to not need to return their promotional items knowing full well that they were given only to clients who paid in full for their membership.” He goes on to say, “We always give their money back as required, but for people who cancel their memberships to then expect to keep extra promotional materials is just so wrong!”

For this reason, Wildrose Vacations has always advised consumers that they would not receive a refund till all promotional material had been returned as is in accordance to Service Alberta laws regarding Travel Clubs. The law states that a full refund must given within 15 days of the request to cancel, however the travel club is entitled to reasonable compensation for the goods or services already provided by the travel club operator, but the travel club operators right under the subsection does not arise until the travel club operator complies with section 1. “Wildrose Vacations has been a leader in the Travel club business for many years and will continue to be in the future.” say’s Gore. “We do our best to give people the quality vacations they deserve and it is unfortunate that laws like these have been enforced so people can take advantage of small loopholes for their own gain.”

On the other hand, Wildrose Vacations donates resort weeks in Banff for auctions and other items on a regular basis always trying to put something back into society. As Gore proudly states, “We are fortunate that business is good and all our employees agree in the importance of taking care of those less fortunate. Wildrose employees support many different charities throughout the year and especially during the holidays.” Anyone interested in attending a wine and cheese seminar at one of Wildrose Vacations centers can call 1800 898-3890 to book your night out. There is never any obligation to rent, join or purchase anything while there, just have fun and enjoy your night out discussing travel options.

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