Launch of an e-book Guide to Conscious Eating with Veggie Recipes

We have just launched an e-book Guide to Conscious Eating with 45 Veggie Recipes for Recovery from Stress and Disease, by Mirjana Musulin and Nataša Pantović Nuit

Online PR News – 30-December-2013 – Valletta/Malta – Conscious Eating is a big step toward Conscious Living. Quality and quantity of food we take in our day-to-day life is closely related to our health and state of mind. We can use food to help us recover from stress and disease or to feel lighter, stronger and happier. It is an ancient truth that if we do not take food seriously we might end up with stress or a disease but it is also well known fact that if we suffer from stress or diseases, the first step towards our recovery is within our nutrition.
‘Preparing the Guide to Conscious Eating with Recipes, our aim is to help the reader examine the eating habits and patterns, understand the food, and the relationship each one of us has with our body. Lot of us have problems with over-eating, eating too often, eating too little, eating junk food, food allergies, etc. The Guide to Conscious Eating has plenty of conscious eating exercises that are designed to raise awareness around food. The aim is that the food quality replaces the quantity, and that the awareness becomes the guide and protector. With the awareness the self-respect will follow.’ Said Nataša
The Guide offers the day-to-day transformation tools and veggie recipes that are recommended within weekly dream healthy menu. With 45 delicious vegetarian food for health recipes, collected around the world, this Guide enriches the reader’s knowledge about health, healthy breakfast, healthy lunch and dinners, veggie healthy snacks and it includes some delicious sweets’ recipes.
Mirjana got her inspiration to help others understand their nutritional needs from her-own bad experience. A few years back, due to an accumulated stress caused by moving her house, changing her job, and the broken heart experience, she simply stopped eating.
‘I didn’t take care of myself, I didn’t cook for myself but was indulging in fast unhealthy food, having trouble eating or even swallowing it. As a result of this lack of proper nutrition, I was feeling lousy, I didn’t sleep well, I was nervous, exhausted at work, and without any energy whatsoever. After half a year of this unhealthy regime I was completely depleted of energy.’
After finding no help with various doctors, Mirjana has decided to take her nutrition seriously and the results were miraculous.
Nataša and Mirjana joined forces and are now sharing their experiences with us within this eBook Guide to Conscious Eating with Veggie Recipes that is available through the Artof4elements website.
‘We at the Artof4elements believe that the path to a healthy body, and happy soul starts with awareness, mindfulness, and goes through a forest of self-study, ending at the gate of self-love.’ says Nataša.
The Guide to the Conscious Eating is designed to empower the readers in their relationship to food, helping them become more aware and conscious of the body / mind connection to food.
The book can be downloaded on Artof4elements website.