Sullens & Euchner Threatens to Terminate lease for early payment of Rent

Local leasing company who took over management of the Edge and the Venue in Scottsdale threaten to evict tenants who paid in full and in advance.

Online PR News – 16-August-2009 – – Walt Peters
Scottsdale AZ
August 13, 2009

Sullens & Euchner the Phoenix based management company has recently started managing Gray hawk condo properties the Edge and Venue. The project is in a great deal of turmoil to say the least, but Sullens and Euchner are hand delivering termination of lease and pre-eviction notices to tenants that just moved in within the last few weeks. “It is nothing less than total incompetence,” say’s Jennifer Halicki, a new tenant. “We gave them cashier checks for deposits before we moved in and then had to wait in a hotel for a week until our unit was ready.

On our appointed move-in date we again gave a cashier’s check for the balance of deposits, one pro-rated week and the full rent for the month of August. We moved in on Saturday, and did not get access to our garage, an assigned parking spot or even pass keys to the club house and fitness center. “All we were told was ‘I don’t know and we have no answers’ when we questioned our access to these promised amenities”, says Halicki even though they had a full week to prepare for our arrival. At least from our experience, these leasing agents and management people are not helpful in the least, rude when questioned, and extremely unorganized to say the least.

The phoenix area has thousands of short sales for another round of foreclosures ready to hit the already hard hit area with so many investment properties going into foreclosure now lenders are will refuse properties that are in condo conversions.There are so many properties but with stated income these investment rental condos are getting tougher to finf financing for

The Edge and the Venu are currently in a state of flux with so many tenants paying rent to landlords and management companies that don’t even own the property any longer. The HOA is denying access to the facilities which could almost be understandable with all the foreclosures and short sales currently in the Valley. However, with the abundance of properties, management companies such as Sullens and Euchner just don’t seem to be organized enough to handle the workload. They will gladly take your money then simply turn a deaf ear to your concerns. Finally even though you’ve done everything correctly, you end up with a statement of non-payment and a threat of eviction. It is ridiculous to say the least in todays situation service is the big issue that consumers will look for in the future

Walt Peters
JWMAXX Solutions