Emergency Notification System Provider Releases 'Ten Step Guide to Effective Crisis Communications'

The decisions organizations make during a crisis can determine the fate of businesses, the jobs of employees and the lives of many. Regroup’s guide was written with those considerations in mind and is geared towards streamlining communications throughout any crisis.

Online PR News – 06-January-2014 – San Francisco CA – Regroup, the leading Mass Communication and Emergency Notification System provider, has released an authoritative white paper entitled “Ten Step Guide to Effective Crisis Communications.” The guide covers viable strategies organizations can take to mitigate risks, protect assets and streamline communications throughout the life-cycle of incidents such as media crises, natural disasters and active shooter events.

Download the white paper by clicking this link: http://bit.ly/1kqn70S

A small sampling of what readers will learn from the “Ten Step Guide to Effective Crisis Communications” includes:

- How to prepare for and prevent potential crises

Ten Step Guide to Effective Crisis Communications

- How to establish monitoring and information gathering systems

- How to leverage Social Media, Blogging and Press Releases during a crisis

- Which roles are needed to create an effective Crisis Communications Team

- The best methods of proactively communicating with the media and stakeholders

- How to send mass messages to cell phones(voice/text), land lines, emails & more

While organizations can’t choose the crises they’ll face in the future, they can decide how they prepare for and communicate throughout them. Regroup’s FREE Ten Step Guide provides expert insights for more effectively managing and communicating throughout a crisis, in order to protect employees, physical assets and the organization’s reputation.

About Regroup:

Regroup was founded at Stanford University in 2006 to solve the need the campus had for an effective Mass Communication System in order to simultaneously send communications across channels mobile (text/voice), land lines, email, social media, websites, forums, digital signage and more. Regroup's Emergency Notification System stands apart from others with its user friendly one-click messaging, integration with social media and client databases, unparalleled reliability and unlimited text/voice/email messaging.

Regroup offers 24/7/365 day a year support and saves clients money - on average 50%. Currently serving government clients such as the City & County of San Francisco, universities, non-profits and businesses throughout North America, Regroup is actively expanding in global markets.

To learn more about how Regroup’s Mass Communication and Emergency Notification System can streamline your organization’s Day-to-Day communications, as well as provide rapid communications during a crisis situation, please call 917-746-6776 or email inquiries@regroup.com for a free online demonstration, customized for the needs of your organization.