Quality Management Firm Celebrates Site’s Two Year Anniversary with New Bookstore & Blog

We offer a variety of consulting, training, quality auditing and software services to help you manage your business with an emphasis on cost reduction and continual process improvement. Our revolutionary CIS Continual Improvement Software will make certification to international standards such as ISO 9001, AS 9100, NADCAP, ISO14001, and RC 14001 a breeze.

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Quality Management Firm Celebrates Site’s Two Year Anniversary with New Bookstore & Blog

Quality Improvement Consulting is a firm that educates businesses in how to improve them through quality management systems development and internal auditing. The company’s site is now a year old and has added a bookstore and a blog to its many features.

For nearly 15 years, Deborah Leary has been involved with the quality management business, working at every level and seeing how the industry works from all angles. In 2007, Leary founded Quality Improvement Consulting, LLC and subsequently launched its web counterpart, www.QualityImprovementConsulting.com, in 2008.

“What we do is take a company that wants to be certified in a particular standard and we put together documents, control their documents, implement quality software, and introduce them to reputable registrars who can audit and certify them,” Leary said of her company.

According to Leary, the standards that Quality Improvement Consulting promotes through continuous improvement software, systems development, and internal audits are becoming more prevalent and of the norm. “If you want to compete in the future, you will be certified to one or more of these standards.”

“We train them on how to develop and implement the systems that are right for them,” Leary said. “Many companies do not educate people. They simple give them a caned system which eventually results in certification issues. No two businesses are exactly the same, so no two business systems are the same.”

For businesses who seek the quality management consultation that Leary’s company is able to provide, the year-old website, QualityImprovementConsulting.com spells out how exactly they’re going to help. Additionally, the website has added a bookstore and a new blog (www.QICGuru.com).

“The bookstore expands a bit more on what we educate people in and the blog looks at the common sense approaches to improving one’s business,” said Leary. “We want to provide these other facets that are related to software solutions and external second and third party audits. We also want to help businesses build the right systems for what they do.”

Unlike some companies, Leary has the experience and background in the quality management and business improvement consultation industry that many other people don’t have.

“I’ve been a management representative who has undergone certification so I’ve sat in the hot seat,” she said. I also lead and participate in third party audits for the registrars, so I have firsthand knowledge of what is important in a quality system.“I understand it from all points of view and I know what businesses should have.”

About the Company:
Quality Improvement Consulting, LLC was founded by Deborah Leary in 2007. The website launched in 2008, while the blog started in March 2009.


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