My Kangen Power .com has Reached Record Membership numbers in support of Enagic Distributorships

My Kangen Power .com has recently hit a record number of Kangen Water™ distributor memberships putting this company into a league of its own.

Online PR News – 14-August-2009 – – My Kangen Power .com has recently hit a record number of Kangen Water™ distributor memberships putting this company into a league of its own. With recent advancements in their website portal, tools and marketing capabilities has provided a winning platform for many individuals to expand their capabilities and revenues, making it both fun and rewarding for distributors to offer a superior health related product to the public. offers a highly robust, turnkey online business model that helps improve the quality of life for all customers utilizing Enagic’s leading product line specializing in water filtration.

My Kangen Power offers package levels for all types of individuals looking to generate income through Enagic as distributors. When a person gains interest and joins the business community, they will receive everything they need to get started and begin marketing their new online business. Members have access to a variety of support structures and countless training webinars, movies and audios so that each member is never left scratching their head about how to get started with Enagic. All members are supplied with three different websites targeting a range of markets, along with the ability to monitor, in real time every single one of their websites performance levels. My Kangen Power .com will also go as far as supplying custom branded business cards, eBooks and newletters for members so that each member never has to worry about how they will promote themselves when in a social setting or environment. Enagic products are not only good for the environment but they increase longevity and have been proven to help the body restore health from many types of ailments. My Kangen Power .com utilizes a highly sophisticated, yet very easy to learn rotational marketing system that provides it’s members the highest quality prospects/leads, at the lowest cost possible. This allows all members to maximize their time without the need to learn how to market a website and generate prospects keeping them focused on what they do best, making sales and generating an awesome income with Enagic.

Enagic’s Kangen water has become a vital daily ingredient to health in many people’s lives. With the importance of being healthy and living a life of longevity Enagic’s Kangen water has become a much sought out source for water. Anti-aging and life expectancy is a very important hot topic issue for many people these days. My Kangen helps members tap in and find those individuals around the world so that they can educate them on all of the glorious benefits of Enagic’s Kangen water. Each member is completely in charge of their own business’s destiny, but with the MKP Community they are empowered with the highest quality business tools available, for a fraction of the cost it would be to develop the tools on your own. If you are an Enagic distributor, you simply must check it out and give it a try.