Home Loan Modification Experts Launch New Loss Mitigation Initiative

Home Rescue LLC is helping customers reduce mortgage payments with their Modification Assistance Package.

Online PR News – 18-August-2009 – – BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – Homeowners have been given a new weapon in the campaign to prevent foreclosures. Home Rescue LLC has launched its state-of-the-art Modification Assistance Package as a way for them to even the odds in negotiations with the big banks and provide mortgage foreclosure solutions.

Through the Modification Assistance Package, Home Rescue LLC is offering clients a comprehensive plan designed to secure mortgage terms that are affordable for the long term. The company is releasing the secrets of its proven step-by-step strategy for successful negotiations with the nation’s mortgage lenders.

"Our Modification Assistance Package will help consumers handle mortgage debt better instead of letting it spiral out of control. It is an all- inclusive package and has all the tools a home owner will need to reduce their debt," says Duncan Douglas of Home Rescue LLC.

The chief aim of the Home Rescue Modification Assistance Package is to reduce mortgage payments for consumers. Using a proprietary system devised by the firm, consumer data is compiled and a detailed and comprehensive report of the homeowner's financial situation is generated. By using cutting edge data analysis, this report is then used to prepare a customized modification proposal, producing a thorough cost/benefit report to support the recommendations made in the loan modification proposal.

In addition to creating customized recommendations and proposals for consumers based on their individual financial reports, the Home Rescue LLC Modification Assistance Package supplies everything a homeowner needs for the purpose of a home loan modification. This also includes specific department phone and fax numbers and a sample cover sheet as well. The Package equips consumers with all the resources they need to get started on their home loan modification process.

While the company is skilled at providing home loan modification solutions, it also provides consumers with a number of other debt related services including Debt Settlement, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, Short Sales, Principal Reductions, Forensic Loan Audits etc. The firm is a one stop shop for a homeowner looking to negotiate and renegotiate mortgage and debt terms and conditions.

"The Modification Assistance Package has been successfully used by a number of homeowners who were looking to renegotiate their mortgage terms with their lenders and reduce mortgage payments. But if homeowners need something more, we have a number of different services to help them "rescue their home" reduce debt and prevent foreclosure," concludes Douglas.

About Home Rescue LLC:
Home Rescue LLC is a leading provider of home loan modification packages that creates comprehensive plans through its Modification Assistance Package to help consumers make mortgage debt more affordable in the long term. The company also provides other services including Debt Settlement, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, Short Sales, Principal Reductions, Forensic Loan Audits and many more.

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