New Book, Help Me Into The Light, Compiled Information From Audio Sessions With The Dead

Help Me Into The Light ,is a Guide for the Afterlife. It will educate you on what happens after we died and where to go.

Online PR News – 04-July-2010 – KIngman, Arizona – This new book is a guide to the afterlife. It's for those that want to know the truth about death.It will teach you what to do, where to go after your physical passing, making the transition from life to death easier. It is not meant for entertainment but more as a learning tool. The author, whom has empathic and sensitive qualities since the age of five years old, has decided to share what she has learned from souls on the other-side. Her teachings came from visitations, empathic feelings from those who have passed and Evps (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) of the dead speaking with the use of professional audio recording equipment. It became apparent to the author, from years of visitations, and many numerous cries for "Help", that there needed to be a guide written to help us move on after death. Even the most innocent of souls can be lost after death from lack of knowledge as to where to go. I hope that this book will alleviate that confusion and prepare us all for that journey.

This book will hopefully will teach you there is NO end to us.