Free Trial Offer of MDCare EMR/PMS From Vision Infonet Inc

As MDCare EMR/PMS is a web-based software, there is no necessity for the provider to have any kind of infrastructure or equipment except a good internet connection.

Online PR News – 04-July-2010 – – Napeville, IL, July 04, 2010 -- The EMR market is so flooded with vendors; it is really tough time for the healthcare providers to make a decision. Each EMR vendor claims that they are the best and promise a world. Unfortunately there is no tool with the customers to make sure that the selected software suits their requirement perfectly.

MDCare ( ) also offers a number of advanced and advantageous features, user-friendliness, very short learning curve etc etc etc.

But how to believe this? How the client can make sure that MDCare will be delivering what they are promising? How to protect provider’s interest and investment?

As an answer to all these questions, Vision Infonet, ( ) a 9-year-old Illinois corporation is offering the full version of MDCare EMR/PMS ( ) to the providers to try it for free, for 4-6 months.

What does MDCare EMR ‘free offer’ consists of?
As MDCare EMR/PMS ( ) is a web-based software, there is no necessity for the provider to have any kind of infrastructure or equipment except a good internet connection.

A full version of MDCare EMR/PMS is offered as a web-based service consisting of the following modules:
a) Sophisticated Scheduling module
b) A fully blown Templating and Charting module
c) Paperless office system
d) State-of-the-art Billing module
e) AR Module for perfect denial management.

How long will it take?
Once the free trial agreement is signed and all the required information is provided, it will not take more than 3 working days to setup the account and for the client start using MDCare. However it takes couple of weeks for the clearinghouse to integrate with MDCare ( ) and to submit claims electronically, however paper claims can be sent without any delay.

What features are available in the trial version of MDCare EMR/PMS?

Full version is offered consisting of the following features:
-Sophisticated Scheduling module
-A fully blown Templating and Charting module
-Paperless office system
-State-of-the-art Billing module
-AR Module for perfect denial management
-To-do List, Intra-office Messaging
-Reporting module
-Integrated external databases (ICD, CPT, NDC etc.,)
-Free training
-Unlimited FREE support (email, instant message and phone)
-Data Back up Service
-Auto faxing, once the chart is signed-off, it is automatically faxed to the referring physician. (is a third party service, costs about 10 cents per page)

How much does it cost?
Absolutely free!!. This includes the Billing module as well. However for electronic submission of claims some clearinghouses may charge a small amount to setup an account with them. The client can choose a free clearinghouse too.

How long MDCare can be tried?
Client can try MDCare ( ) for 4 months, which can be extended up to 6 months on request.

What the client should do after a satisfied trial?
There are two ways to finalize:
a) The client can continue to use MDCare as a service without any changes. Client will be charged with a monthly service charge.
b) Client can purchase MDCare EMR/PMS as a onetime buy, which will be installed in their server, and all the data from the trial period will be transferred to it.

What if the client wants to discontinue?
No questions are asked. Client can discontinue anytime with a written intimation to Vision Infonet Inc ( ).

What about the data?
All the data will be given to the client.

Interested providers can send their request from

Press Contact:
Vijay Prodduturi
Vision Infonet
1717 Park Street, Suite 110
Napeville, IL 60563