FideSoftware Releases Latest iPhone/iTouch App, iFishTank, Showcasing Tropical Fish

Show off iPhone 3D capabilities with the new Entertainment app, iFishTank. FideSoftware has put out a stunning visual representation of a tropical fishtank.

Online PR News – 14-August-2009 – – Looking for a great way to show off your new iPhone? iFishTank from FideSoftware is a gorgeous visual app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This stunning 3D iPhone app really shows off the fantastic visual effects available on iTouch / iPhone devices. Turns out, it's also full of beautiful tropical fish.

The fish themselves are absolutely wonderful. This version of the app includes some tropical blue fish, Clown fish, and Neon Tetras. The Clown fish are just amazing; they are such a pretty species. This particular rendition illustrates how good a 3D model can look on the iPhone. And the fish don't just look good -- they actually swim. Watch the tail wiggle and shake just like a real fish.

Each particular kind of fish is also unique. Blue fish have larger tail swooshes than the Neons, for example. It is an easy thing to take for granted, but it is the detail in this app that makes it such a realistic fishtank. Especially cool is that the Neon Tetras actually school. Start the tank and they're a bit scattered, but as they find each other along the way, they will start swimming together. Not just fish -- fish with personality!

FideSoftware, the creator of iFishTank, has more exciting iPhone apps on the way. Check out for a sneak peek at upcoming iPod Touch and iPhone applications.

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