Stunned By Grief Author Gives Tips and Strategies to Help Grievers Navigate the Holidays

Planning Ahead Can Alleviate Holiday Stress and Dismay for Grievers

Online PR News – 16-December-2013 – Lake Forest, CA – Judy Brizendine wasn't introduced to grief through a class or research. Unfortunately, she experienced it suddenly and firsthand when her husband went on a routine mountain bike ride and didn’t come home. Since that event in 1998 propelled her life in an unforeseen direction, she has focused on a mission to educate, equip and inspire people to face grief and loss in their lives. “Learning how to navigate grief is a matter of survival, and the holidays represent a tough obstacle course,” explains Brizendine.

People generally look forward to the holidays with joyful anticipation, but grievers start to dread the holidays long before they arrive. While profound grief is difficult anyway, the holidays add extra levels of stress and anxiety. Grievers have noted that their apprehension beforehand is often worse than the holidays themselves. Learning ways to manage major holidays and special events is essential to lessen a griever’s stress and discomfort. Brizendine is available to comment about tips and strategies to help grievers navigate the holiday season.

A key strategy for grievers is to manage the holidays rather than allowing the holidays to control them. Here are a few tips to lessen stress and enhance enjoyment:

• Arrangements can be simple; however, do not leave holiday plans to chance
• Step outside of typical family traditions and try something different this year
• Plan to be with people you enjoy
• Say ‘no’ (kindly and without guilt) to an invitation, if attending is too stressful or painful

Brizendine’s ultimate goal is to help people understand grief—so they can face their journey of loss with a sense of hope and a realistic goal of healing.

Stunned By Grief is an insider’s look at grief—and a highly focused, conversational book that cuts through the clutter and zeroes in on ‘flashpoint’ issues critical to healing. The book gives a realistic perspective about grief, and provides practical tools and a sensitive, personal approach to coping with the grieving process. Its companion Stunned By Grief Journal is an interactive recovery tool with six months of daily support to help a griever understand what is happening and encourage him or her to journal as a means of working through their grief.

About the author:

As a blogger, speaker and author of the award winning books, Stunned By Grief and Stunned By Grief Journal, Judy connects with audiences who may have experienced tragedy or deep loss in their lives. Her research, interviews and personal testimony have defined Judy’s expertise and ability to reach others. She is committed to raising awareness about grief and providing a cushion of understanding to give people hope in the center of tragedy. “These books came out of my own grief, but I wrote them as a means to guide others through something that has many characteristics. Grief is both common and unique to every person.”

To learn more, interview or book Brizendine to speak, email or visit the Stunned By Grief website.

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