Anand Bhatt Signs $5.6 Million Dollar Endorsement Deal This Week

Rock Star Anand Bhatt is Not Just For Metalheads Anymore says Multi-Million Dollar Endorsement Deal

Online PR News – 03-July-2010 – – It was announced this week that Anand Bhatt signed an estimated $5.6 million dollars to do various product endorsements, and just shortly after being named one of the most successful Non-Resident Indians in the world on the Desh-Videsh NRI Achievers List (alongside M. Night Shyamalan and Deepak Chopra). The rocker/actor was born and raised in Chicago but his parents are originally from India resulting in both countries identifying with him as their own. Bhatt was also recently inducted into the Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (Latin Grammys) expanding his success into the South American, Mexican, Carribean and Spanish markets. All of which has provided opportunites for a variety of different product lines that Bhatt has chosen to get behind under an umbrella deal with the record label.

Anand Bhatt is currently preparing for a Southeast Asia charity tour and working on song collaborations with multi-platinum latin diva Veronica Romeo and God Forbid guitarist Dallas Coyle