Stunned By Grief Captures Gold Medal in Miami

Stunned By Grief Author Takes Top Honors in Nonfiction-Grief Category in the 2013 Readers' Favorite International Awards

Online PR News – 12-December-2013 – Lake Forest, CA – Southern CA author Judy Brizendine attended the 2013 Readers' Favorite International Awards in Miami, FL, to accept a Gold Medal for her book, Stunned By Grief. Approximately 300 authors and guests from around the world converged in Miami for the awards ceremony, workshops, and the Miami Book Fair.

Readers’ Favorite is the fastest growing and largest book contest site on the internet. Thousands of entries from around the world are submitted from major publishing houses, small presses, celebrity authors and independent authors.

In addition to the 2013 Readers' Favorite Gold Medal, Stunned By Grief was named Award Finalist in two other book competitions, the 2013 National Indie Excellence Awards and the USA “Best Books 2011” Awards sponsored by USA Book News. Stunned By Grief was also named to Library Journal’s list of “Best Books 2011: Self-Help.” LJ gave the book a starred review and described Stunned By Grief as “Realistic, practical, and highly recommended.”

Stunned By Grief: Remapping your life when loss changes everything is an insider’s look at grief—and a highly focused, conversational book that cuts through the clutter and zeroes in on ‘flashpoint’ issues critical to healing. The book gives a realistic perspective about grief, and provides practical tools and a sensitive, personal approach to coping with the grieving process. Its companion Stunned By Grief Journal is an interactive recovery tool with six months of daily support to help a griever understand what is happening and encourage him or her to journal as a means of facing and working through grief.

“Learning how to cope with grief in a healthy way affects the quality of a griever’s life, not only in the present but in the future,” states Brizendine. Understanding profound grief is critically important to those directly affected by it.

About the author:
As a blogger, speaker and author of the award winning books, Stunned By Grief and Stunned By Grief Journal, Judy connects with audiences who have experienced tragedy in their lives and those who want to learn about grief. Her research, interviews and personal testimony have defined Judy’s expertise and ability to reach others. She is committed to raising awareness about grief and providing a cushion of understanding to give people hope in the center of tragedy. “These books came out of my own grief, but I wrote them as a means to guide others through something that has many characteristics. Grief is both common and unique to every person.”

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