HostNexus Announces Launch of cPanel on Shared and Reseller Hosting Packages

( July 1, 2010— Premiere web hosting provider HostNexus (

Online PR News – 03-July-2010 – – ( July 1, 2010— Premiere web hosting provider HostNexus ( announced on July 1st that it is launching the popular cPanel control panel for both its Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting packages. This is a first for the company that has already set industry standards for affordably priced hosting solutions.

By providing the ease of use that cPanel offers to its reseller and shared hosting customers, HostNexus will be leveraging its ability to provide consistent, quality service and making the services even easier to use than ever before. Since cPanel is a widely used and very popular way for web masters to install software packages such as WordPress or Drupal, many users have lauded these steps to increase the value of the company's service in providing even better customer care. The added value Shared Hosting offerings comes from the fact that all of the users on a given server will be able to operate their sites more quickly and easily through the use of cPanels automated features and state of the art Graphical User Interface (GUI). For the Reseller Hosting packages, cPanel will be creating a new and intensive level of value that resellers will be able to use to draw in more customers and thus bring themselves even more income.

Offering hosting packages for practically every niche on the web today has become a core feature of the HostNexus business model, but affordability has been a major focus since the company's inception, as well. With Reseller Hosting priced at just $24.95 per month to start and Shared Hosting accounts at $5.40 per month for Windows users and only $3.95 per month for Linux users, the company offers a variety of services at prices the rest of their industry is rarely able to compete with.

One Click Installation, multiple IPs and support for PHP, MySQL and plenty of APIs all add to the value of the HostNexus brand. By combining such affordable solutions, profitable opportunities for online entrepreneurs and a variety of solutions across the full range of web hosting options available today, HostNexus is quickly asserting its dominance across the web by providing precisely what its customers ask for.

"Over the years HostNexus has become one of the largest and well known Plesk brands in the industry but we still get many requests for cPanel and that can no longer be ignored," states HostNexus CEO, Laurence Flynn. "We offer cPanel on our VPS platform and on our Managed Dedicated Server line but this is the first time we are rolling out cPanel on standard hosting on the HostNexus brand and that is very exciting for us here at HN".

Now well into its 9th year in business and serving more than 3,000 customers across 120 servers, HostNexus is fast becoming the web master's choice for power, flexibility and customer service in the hosting industry.

HostNexus offers linux and windows shared and reseller hosting on Dual Quad Core servers with RAID 10 arrays, remote data backups to protect customer's sites and 24-hour tech support. HostNexus is also well known for its Coldfusion Hosting on both windows and linux platforms, managed VPS and managed Dedicated server solutions.