Early Bird Program For Sports Betting Announced At Bet Dos

Discounts and offers are hard to come by in these days of global economic slowdown. Things aren’t very different in the case of the online casinos. Infact this is one of the reason why people stay away from these online casinos. It is surprising to see Bet Dos – one of the best casinos available online to pop the great offers.

Online PR News – 14-August-2009 – – August 2009 - It has become a matter of survival now in this tough economic condition. Obviously people out there don’t have enough cash to spend on entertainment unless the entertainment costs cut down. One of the main entertainment sources, the online casinos seem not to offer any discounts or promotional offers this season. To all of our surprise, Bet Dos which is one of the best online casinos has announced early bird offers to facilitate the gamblers available throughout the planet. “You will be well aware that nothing can replace the excitement of online Sports betting. People out there were spending thousands of dollars on these Sports betting and some of the have earned a huge sum of money too. Things have changed a lots through the recent months. People out there don’t even have enough cash to register and keep going with the Sports betting. That is the reason why we have planned the early bird offer to support the Sports betting enthusiast to register and be in the game. They get an excellent opportunity to earn money through spots betting” says Mr. Robert C. Perry of directoffshoresports.com.

Speaking on more details about the early bird offer, Mr. Robert said, “Bet Dos has launched a special early bird program. Clients who register and make a deposit will get a free $100 bet plus a 50% bonus. the free bet is for an NFL football bet. The program will launch Thursday August 13, and expire September 15. This offer is applicable to football betting. Football betting is currently America’s #1 pass time. If it was not for the recession, the football betting would have made millions of people participate in it. We don’t want to make football betting any different in any market condition. The early bird bonus will help the people interested in football betting.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Robert said, “The recession is hitting pretty much everyone very hard in the last few months but spots betting can be used as a way to beat the recession and make some free money on the internet. The early bird offers that we provide for the Sports betting will help people to make some money and beat off those recession blues.”

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