Dennis Tubbergen of GTBK Marketing Counsels Insurance Agents And Financial Advisors

The CEO of GTBK Marketing, LLC, Dennis Tubbergen, helps financial advisors find success with his monthly newsletter, 'Smarter Not Harder.' The newsletter is delivered to over 6,000 financial advisors across the country.

Online PR News – 02-July-2010 – – GRAND RAPIDS, MI - In today's unstable economic climate, retaining current clients and obtaining new clients can be challenging, to say the least. Noted financial advisor Dennis Tubbergen is always inventing and creating new ways to help financial advisors thrive in all types of market conditions while delivering added value to those clients.

Tubbergen, who is CEO of GTBK Marketing, LLC is a 'financial advisor to financial advisors' and has counseled over 40,000 of them on how to become more successful. He advises over 6,000 financial advisors on a regular basis through his monthly newsletter 'Smarter Not Harder.'

Tubbergen offers workshops in his Grand Rapids, Michigan office to the insurance agents and financial advisors who are part of GTBK Marketing, LLC. He tells individuals in this important industry that they have two choices: they can do the same thing they have always done or they can re-engineer their business and equip it for the success of their clients and themselves.

"In my personal experience, it's an eternal truth that always proves itself, although I've adapted it a bit. I firmly believe that change creates opportunity. In today's atmosphere of colossal change, I'd revise it yet again to say that massive change creates massive opportunity," said Dennis Tubbergen, GTBK Marketing CEO (

GTBK Marketing, LLC has relationships with several specialists across the country with unique planning strategies. Tubbergen also strives to help his circle of insurance agents and financial advisors deepen their relationships with existing clients and will take on specific client problems in his workshops.

"If you're open to new ways of doing business and open to learning new concepts and strategies that will benefit your clients, you'll develop a new sense of how to better serve your clients. In the meantime, you will be building a more successful business," concludes Dennis Tubbergen.

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About GTBK Marketing:
GTBK Marketing is a company that helps financial advisors increase their client base through education, strategy and project development. The company uses conference calls, webinars and other training methods to assist financial advisors across the country. GTBK Marketing takes advantage of special relationships with financial specialists and has developed a number of products specifically designed to help financial advisors do a better job with their clients.

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