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TheEbookSale Publishing author John Lasker, releases a masterclass in investigative journalism, Technoir.

Online PR News – 02-July-2010 – – Limerick, Ireland, July 01, 2010 -- TheEbookSale Publishing Announces Technoir, an investigative novel about the Dark Side of Technology, the US Military and UFOs, from American author John Lasker.

TheEbookSale Publishing, Inc. has published Technoir by John Lasker, which is the author's most recent book to date. The multiformat eBook in the Science Fiction category is available worldwide on ebook retailer websites such as Amazon, Fictionwise and eReader for a suggested retail price of $6.95. A webpage at was launched simultaneously with the book's publication.

About the Book (Excerpts & Info):
For a year, Bruce Gagnon had the same nagging feeling. That someone or some people were on the edges of his life, trying hard to look in. Were they parked around the block in their black Ford SUV with tinted windows? Or like a cyberspace shadow, could they be following every move he made on the Internet? He just knew it; something wasn't quite right. Or was he just being paranoid? Was his status as the director of one of world’s fastest growing arms-control movements getting the best of him?

Then Gagnon received an unexpected phone call. It was a lawyer from Florida’s American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU lawyer right away told him: You and your family are being spied on by NASA, the Air Force and the Brevard County Sheriffs Department, which basically is a bunch of good ‘ole boys from near the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where Gagnon had often protested. He would soon find out this posse of spies had conducted background checks on him and his son. The spies were also monitoring the arms-control web site he ran, and attending Kennedy Space Center protests incognito; protests he had coordinated.
Gagnon instincts, once again, had warned him right: There's a lot of people out there who don't think too highly of him or what he does. The 50-something Gagnon directs the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space from his office in Maine. The Global Network’s aim is to stop all and any weapons, along with any nuclear powered technology, from ever being deployed past Earth's atmosphere and into space. He established the Global Network in 1992, and it now has chapters in 170 countries. Gagnon's resume also includes guest lectures at scores of high-profiled universities, and his writings have been published in prominent newspapers and magazines. He's also a hero of sorts in parts of Europe and Japan.

"We’re a small organization with meager resources," said Gagnon from his Maine office during an interview for this book. "They feel threatened by us? That tells us something." The ACLU filed a number of Freedom of Information seeking records that may reveal the entire scope of the government’s probe. "NASA states, in these documents, that they (also) have ‘confidential sources’ in Britain and Belgium monitoring Global Network activities," said Florida ACLU attorney Kevin Aplin to this reporter.

Why would the Pentagon, home to the world’s greatest and smartest warriors, be so interested in a small bare-to-the-bones peace activist group?

"Space weapons," says Gagnon, a veteran of the US Air Force.
(CHAPTER 3: The Emerging U.S. Space Weapons Arsenal...The Greatest Trojan Horse - Ever?)

Lasker has completed an exhausting level of research and investigation in each of these 13 stories. He backs his information with accounts from scientists, law enforcement members, insiders, politicians and other credible eye-witnesses. This book will have you thinking in new directions and it will leave you much more aware of technology’s growing influence on society.

Lasker suggests that true journalism is dying. One may disagree - as long as John ignores his critics at the Pentagon, disregards the space-weapons and Washington lobbyists, and continues asking questions and digging for answers - investigative journalism will survive.

Expertly constructed in multiple eBook formats, Technoir ( ) at 156 pages or 61,000 words, is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the Science Fiction ( ) genre. With Global distribution through Ingram Digital, Mobipocket and BooksOnBoard, plus pervasive online availability through TheEbookSale's online store, Amazon and elsewhere, Technoir meets consumer demand with ease.

ISBN: 9781849610698 Format: multi-format eBook SRP: $6.95
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About the Author:
Feared by the Pentagon, despised by space-weapons lobbyists, loathed by corrupt African governments, and stalked by UFO hoaxers. That's life for John Lasker, ( ) an investigative journalist who's originally from Buffalo, NY, and currently residing in Columbus, Ohio. Lasker has written for Wired, Christian Science Monitor, Fate magazine, Space News, Los Angeles CityPaper,Buffalo News and many, many more. In 2008, he covered the Presidential Election from central Ohio for Agence France-Press, the oldest newswire on the planet.

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