WSS Help Desk Software Updated – Now with Microsoft Active Directory Integration

Web-Site-Scripts Company, the Leading HelpDesk Software provider, has presented LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory Integration for its PHP HelpDesk Software this time.

Online PR News – 14-August-2009 – – Web-Site-Scripts Company, the global leader in Help Desk Management Software, announced today Microsoft Active Directory integration for its PHP HelpDesk Software.

Web-Site-Scripts quickly penetrate into the market of Help Desk Software. Its mission is providing software that features web-based and powerful self-service helpdesk that allows people to find answers to their questions immediately instead of submitting emails, tickets, or calling company’s support department.

Knowledge base systems made a revolution in Help Desk Service. Due to the nature of knowledge bases, they provide answers in much more handy and quick way than it has been ever before. Customers become satisfied and stay loyal if they get answers here and now instead of waiting for response from operator.

Solid knowledge base is the considerable part of modern Web Help Desk system. Companies are fighting against support requests with the same repeating questions; they are trying to reduce support costs and help new employees acquire job knowledge faster.

Announced LDAP integration support satisfies needs in creation of information system with providing of multiple services using single account directory. Provided solution helps in organization of support desk with basic and premium support subscription, per-user, per-product, and per-service support services in a transparent way for users and staff.

“We have integrated internal Active Directory with our Help Desk System. Apart from convenience of single sign on, it is also improves the whole system security – it is much easier for user to remember one password and he doesn’t try to store it on a scrap of paper (common problem that needs to be solved by administrators, by the way)”, - said Edward Nikolaev, Head of Support Department.”Centralized organization and execution of enterprise systems with large number of users is almost impossible without powerful account directory integration.”

When we talk about php helpdesk software by Web-Site-Scripts Company, we must say about huge variety of settings that supply amazing flexibility in creation of different knowledge bases and in providing feedback tools to customers. Customers can influence knowledge nuggets rating, tell how knowledge base can be improved, ask questions and receive answers, contribute new content, start threads with staff in comments, etc.

Microsoft Active Directory integration also allows easily involve all company members contribute to customer support desk. “Active Directory integration is valuable thing for the Help Desk Support. It allows us involve developers to support process. They see positive clients feedback and give helpful hints to support staff using existing accounts”, - said Igor Dobritskiy, CTO of Web-Site-Scripts Company. “It greatly improves the quality of support and development”.

About Web-Site-Scripts Company
Web-Site-Scripts Company, the leader in knowledge base management software, makes it possible for any business to accumulate and use knowledge, thus reduce expenses on customer support and increase by up to 50% decision-making quality, staff agility, and company reaction speed to changes of market needs. New products development cycle decreases by 20% in average. Company focus on modern technologies that increase software performance and provide users with rich user interface allowed Web-Site-Scripts to take a dominant position on market and have more than 30’000 clients over the world.

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