WL Marketing Announces New Article submission service

WL Marketing, a prominent search engine optimization (SEO) company, recently launched new packages for its article submission service. The service offers highly researched and informative content, written exclusively for an individual client's requirements.

Online PR News – 02-July-2010 – – (June 26 2010) – One of the most well established SEO services providers on the web, WL Marketing, released a variety of packages under the company's article submission service . The packages have been designed to cater to virtually any need and budget of clients.

Article marketing consists of two steps. The first is to create well researched and original content that would be considered useful or informative, by a reader looking for search results on the topic. Article directories on the web place very high importance on relevance and originality.

This is logical, since all search engines try to rank results based on relevance and how useful they think a page will be to a reader. Copied or duplicate content attracts severe penalties, and sites can suffer huge drops in rankings for duplicating content.

On the other hand, well-written and original content provides a major boost to the amount of user traffic coming to a site. This has a major advantage over other measures to increase traffic, in that it drives mainly targeted users.

In other words, users who read an article and decide to visit the site linked to the article, already know what to expect. Since they have the background information and then decide to visit the site, it is more likely that their visit is converted to a registration or a sale, than a random visitor who's just “checking things out”.

The second step for an article marketing service is to submit the created content to high quality directories around the World Wide Web. Identifying only the good directory services is crucial, since content appearing on a bad site can have negative results.

WL Marketing offers customers the option of creating their own content, if they so choose. In such cases, the client has the freedom of writing the article, while submitting it to directories is taken care of by WL Marketing.

Clients can also choose to have content writing as well as article submission done for them. The company then handles research and writing of content, as per the specifications of the client. Of course, clients also have control over this process, and can have the content fine-tuned to their requirements.

WL Marketing's article submission service always guarantees content that is 100% original. All articles are copyscaped and carefully scrutinized to protect against the possibility of plagiarism. This applies to all of the packages offered by the company, from the basic single article pack, to the extensive 3x300 writing and submission pack.

The company's packs offer flexibility and variety to suit all clients. Services range from simple submission to the top 20, best directories on the internet, to writing five different articles or submitting to 300 sites. The most basic service is priced at just $15, and all packs have very fast turnaround times.

Services can be completed within as little as three days, for simple orders. Even the most extensive writing and submission process is executed within 15 days.


Enquiries may be emailed to: admin@wlmarketing.com.

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