An Apple iBooks Store Exclusive iStory eBook Release: The iStory of the Three Little Pigs

Honestly, is this Apple iPad ebook ‘en-titled’ to be an iStory?

This highly interactive “picture & video” ebook for the Apple iPad iBooks app is a brazen attempt to earn the ‘entitlement’ to the iStory label.

Online PR News – 02-December-2013 – Singapore – In the age of the ebooks, can we still call “children’s picture book” as such?

“The iStory of the Three Little Pigs” by MLC Ventures is testing the limits of such traditional terminology. With the usual colourful illustrations of a typical children’s picture book, this Apple iBooks Store ebook also incorporates animation, music, sound effects and video in its story. And as if these were not enough, it even allows for the direct intervention of the reader in the unfolding of the ‘all-too-familiar-or-so-you-think’ children classic.

No wonder, in creating this iBooks ebook with so much features built-in, it is effectively more like ‘building’ a story rather than just simply writing one.

But what is iStory anyway? After iPod, iPhone, iPad and iBooks, what really does the “i” in the iStory stand for? Internet? Interactive? Innovative or just plain Intertaining?

Well, iStory here actually stands for “I-in-the-story”. Perhaps if you were to experience the ebook, you might start to understand why it is so.

The ebook is currently available exclusively in the Apple iBooks Store and works best in the iPad iBooks app.

About the Author: Papa Philip stumbled into the ‘building’ of Apple ebooks when his then 4-year-old son inadvertently created a story in one of their father-son reading sessions. He eventually had his son’s story published but he also realised in the process that he has a knack for creating a different breed of interactive storybooks. This Apple ebook is the first of a series of similar iStory ebooks he plans to create and publish in the Apple iBooks Store.

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