Complete Curriculum Expands Lessons While Saving

Complete Curriculum Cuts Cost of K-12 Lesson Plans and Expands Grade Level Content.

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Finding quality K-12 online curriculum at an affordable price in today’s economy can be a challenge. As the number of teachers and parents looking for K-12 digital education materials continues to grow, Complete Curriculum expands their K-12 lesson plans while cutting costs.

Complete Curriculum offers materials suitable for teachers, students, parents and home schooled children. The online curriculum is designed to fully support the child’s education. Grade level content is available from Complete Curriculum in Language, Math, Science, and Social Studies, covering all the bases.

According to Allison Cancilliari, “Each Complete Curriculum Full Digital Textbook offers an entire academic year’s content and activities for less than $30.00.” By cutting costs, K-12 online curriculum is both affordable and practical.

Complete Curriculum’s digital textbooks and lesson plans are fully downloadable and can be customized to meet the individual needs of the teacher and students. Each download includes a Teacher’s Manual, Activities, Resources, Tests and Assessments, as well as complete lesson plans and student texts that can be shared with parents.

With the expansion of K-12 lesson plans, Complete Curriculum is able to offer more grade level content to parents and teachers. The availability of quality, cheap curriculum materials, helps to ensure children’s educational needs are being met.

Complete Curriculum’s digital education options can be used as the main source for classroom or home school curriculum, as well as for additional educational support outside of the classroom.

Complete Curriculum offers materials for use in any K-12 setting, all fully downloadable and customizable. Developed by teachers, scholars and editors, Complete Curriculum is designed to meet grade level expectations and standards in language, math, science and social studies.

While meeting academic standards, Complete Curriculum not only helps children develop academic skills, but the online curriculum is designed to develop social and interpersonal skills as well, by combining instruction, practice, reinforcement and testing.

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