Document Composition Software INFINICA wins ECM Award 2010

Vienna, Austria - The consulting firm PENTADOC and the IT magazine Computer World awarded INFINICA, a solution for automated and controlled creation of documents, developed by Qualysoft Austria, with the ECM Award 2010 in the category of "economic efficiency". The prize was handed over on the 11th of May during the ECM Days 2010 at Schloss Schönbrunn in Vienna.\r\n

Online PR News – 02-July-2010 – – This is the first time that the promising subject of "Document Composition" was put into the spotlight. It is still a largely unknown area for potential savings and improvement in business and a niche product in comparison to the traditional archive-oriented ECM / DMS disciplines.

The digital creation (Document Composition) and distribution of documents (Document Distribution or Output Management) is despite undoubted importance so far only a small segment within the ECM market. In this segment a small number of vendors compete for attention and related growth opportunities.

Solutions in this area are barely in the mindsets of most responsible managers of companies, despite a huge potential for cost savings and quality improvement. The reason is probably that because of the supposed banality of office operations from the "pure paper era", no feeling for electronic / digital documents has developed yet. Thereby "Document Composition and Output Management" solutions offer untapped optimization opportunities within the document circulation process and the corresponding business processes. The associated advantages should not be ignored by companies, especially because of the enormous challenges in the current economic situation.

UPC relying upon INFINICA Document Solutions

The INFINICA customer UPC Austria has realized huge cost savings with the use of the techniques of "Document Composition". Austria's largest alternative multimedia operator converted and automated its document production and the associated business processes consistently. The efficiency and effectiveness of the processes as well as the quality of document production have been improved dramatically by the intelligent and flexible automation.

"The conversion of document production has brought many benefits for us. Besides cost, the quality of the documents has been increased significantly. For us an important precondition to be able to support the expansion strategy of UPC Austria," says Michael Kristek, IT Deployment Manager of UPC Austria. "We are pleased in particular that we have received the ECM Award in the first year of its existence in the category of economic efficiency," said Kristek further.

"We are proud of this honor because this prize has confirmed that we have been right with the decision to pursue such a promising topic and on the right track of business activities," says Dr. Herbert Liebl, Managing Director of Qualysoft Austria. "This award was given for a project carried out with great dedication, which serves as a guide for many future projects in Document Composition. We rely on this visionary theme, which will highly increase efficiency and effectiveness in many companies in the near future."
The Qualysoft Group is an international IT service provider with offices in six countries in Central and Eastern Europe. INFINICA is the product division of the Qualysoft group offering the Document Composition and Output Management (Document Distribution) software solution INFINICA. The division consists of business-experts who analyze the document centric business process, and on the other hand technicians translating business processes into modern architectures.

INFINICA allows you to design and create your professional business documents (Document Composition) for your company. In a second step it offers you the features to design and execute business processes (Business Process Management) which are connected to the business documents and finally it controls the output to different channels (Document Distribution). INFINICA's innovative products are entirely based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and open standards which will enable rapid and flexible integration into existing IT infrastructures. Thus, the ever-growing needs of the company departments can be taken into account in a correspondingly short time.

INFINICA is ideal for creating TransPromo documents due to the extensive set of rules of INFINICA combined with the document templates and the option to access various data supplier systems like ERP, CRM, databases and many more. Through these features your standard document is transferred into personalized business communication and thus opens up another effective marketing channel for your services and products.

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