BravaMD Introduces Natural Hormone Therapy

BravaMD is a natural hormone therapy treatment that helps those with hormone issues balance their levels naturally without the use of harsh chemicals or drugs.

Online PR News – 30-November-2013 – Phoenix, Arizona – Phoenix, Arizona - For many years, patients have looked for ways to balance hormones naturally and enjoy the benefits of better health. Unfortunately, up until now, it was difficult for patients to learn how to balance hormones naturally. In fact, most doctors wanted to give patients drugs and artificial substances rather than balancing hormones naturally. This sometimes led to more problems than solutions for these patients.

BravaMD is pleased to report that there is a way to naturally balance hormones easily. BravaMD has come up with natural ways to balance hormones, restore youth and good health and make patients feel better very quickly. In order to do this, BravaMD focuses on preventative and proactive medicine with natural hormone balancing through bio-identical hormone replacement and restoration.

Bio-identical hormone replacement is the most accessible way to balance hormone levels. Bio-identical means that the hormone replacement substances used in BravaMD treatments are biologically identical to real hormones. This means that the body cannot tell them apart and that patients who are given these biologically identical hormones will experience a rejuvenation of their health and well-being.

Instead of searching for answers in how to balance hormones naturally, BravaMD simply gives patients the tools to do so. With bio-identical hormone replacement, BravaMD can show patients how to naturally balance hormones without side effects or problems related to traditional hormone replacement therapy. BravaMD is distributed through a network of participating physicians who are trained in delivering these bio-identical hormone replacements for maximum benefit to patients.

BravaMD's treatments can be used for treatment of menopause symptoms, andropause issues, hypothyroidism, weight control, low testosterone and other medical issues that interfere with the quality of a patient's life. Those who are interested in this revolutionary treatment can read about how BravaMD can help women at and men at

About BravaMD:

BravaMD is dedicated to providing safe and healthy hormone therapies with bio-identical hormone replacement substances. BravaMD can offer a natural, healthy way for both men and women to replace hormones that have been lost through aging or illness. Contact BravaMD for more details or to find a physician in a particular geographical area who delivers BravaMD hormone replacement products to patients.

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