Popfax announced video tutorial pack production

Recently Popfax published a set of tutorials describing the ways of sending and receiving faxes online. In the pack there are presented 8 tutorials.

Online PR News – 30-November-2013 – NY – The following tutorials were published by Popfax, an online faxing provider.

1. How to send a fax from email
Descibing sending a fax from browser (mail provider) or from a preferred email client. Examples of steps:
Create a new mail message from your email application configured with your Popfax.com login email.
Enter mail2fax@popfax.com in the destination address field.
Insert the security code in the subject field. You may find and/or change the security code in your online Popfax account.
Attach documents to fax.

2. How to fax from Gmail
Describing sending faxes specifically from Gmail service. Includes the following steps:
In your Gmail account connected to Popfax.com click on the "compose" button to create a new message.
In address line, type mail2fax@popfax.com.
In the subject line, type the security code from your Popfax account.
In the "Mail to fax" section of your account copy the current security code. Or you can, alternatively, choose your own security code.

3. How to scan and fax documents using an iPhone, Android smartphone or Blackberry
A few steps:
Install the Popcompanion mobile fax software from iTunes.
Login to your Popfax account from your smartphone.
Scan the pages of a document one by one with your smartphone’s camera. The integrated image processor in Popcompanion adjusts the photo and converts it into a faxable black & white document (TIFF format).
You can rotate the picture 90 degrees, adjust the page size, add a customizable cover page, etc.
Add as many photographed pages as you need. Popcompanion will interpret it as a single fax document with multiple pages.

These and other tutorials can be seen here: http://www.popfax.com/news/article_1646.html