Leading Edge Classified Ad Site Launches Stellar Affiliate Program

November 26, 2013 - The Fazzand program is announcing it is setting new fashions for categorized ads web pages, supplying money rear end deals both for enrollees, and additionally cashback affiliate profits since the factor for all next advertising requests by referrals. The site points out this might be distinctive included in our sorts of "community selling" online portals, and additionally can make it one of the leading edge categorized sites online.

Online PR News – 30-November-2013 – Harlingen – November 26, 2013 - The Fazzand system is announcing it is setting new trends for categorized advertisements sites, supplying money back deals each for enrollees, and cashback affiliate commissions like the basis for every one of the following advertising requests by referrals. The website points away the is distinctive among our types of "community selling" on the internet portals, and makes it one of the leading edge classified websites in the web. Under the current scheme an individual listing 10 ads a days to advertise his business could cause the affiliate acquiring 15% commission upon every single advertisement every month, in addition to receiving 15% from storefront or regular subscriptions because well. Past our generations of classified ad internet site are not known for this form of generosity, with the even more popular ones noted only from being advertisement complimentary or perhaps pop-up complimentary, or designed for specialty niches. Internet marketers who are already proficient at "refer a friend" viral promotions are anticipated to accomplish most especially fine, because of the placed component of a affiliate school which will pay cash rear end 'forever' around three generations per each ad placed. The website owner data "you are utilizing a cutting edge affiliate back office with lots of tools, like banners, emails, reporting tolls, genealogy reporting and additionally much more...." Classified advertisement web sites are not expected to {have the ability vie with Fazzand.com's new company model, and also will subsequently bring about a rapid growth of the site s affiliate promoting base inside the coming weeks. Fazzand have additionally announced that consumers also will have the ability to provide their items on the internet via a "purchase It Now feature, and gather fees via their PayPal or similar account! Contact: http://www.fazzand.com/index.php?a=28&b=146Terry Flores a serial entrepreneur who with an extensive knowledge of Internet marketing and many years experience in this arena, as well as social media, saw the need for a more, social selling platform, that would help people to sell their items and or promote their business via a platform that would do most of the work for them! Terry has worked for various Internet companies around the world, with much experience in on-line marketing and SEO skills.With over 7 years experience in the video streaming arena, Terry Flores was behind developing the worlds first FREE video email platform that ended up going into 84 countries in less than 9 months.