New cycle of seminars on yoga for vacation in Moscow in December

Moscow Ecozone announced a new cycle of international yoga seminars for foreign guests on December. The main topic of this cycle is practice of yogic abdominal kriyas – Uddiyana bandha, Agnisara Dhauti and Nauli kriya. These techniques are noted for their impact on health.

Online PR News – 30-November-2013 – Moscow / Russian Federation – During December Ecozone, ecological touristic place in Moscow, will organize five thematic health workshops for its foreign visitors. The first Sunday of the month will be devoted to Uddiyana bandha, the second one – to Agnisara Dhauti, the third one – to Nauli Kriya, and the last two Sundays will cover all of three major yogic abdominal kriyas. These ancient practices influence the health very positively; they promote weight loss and longevity effects for the body. During seminars they will be considered both separate kriyas and a part of purposeful sequences.

International health and yogic workshops is a new direction of activity for Moscow Ecozone, environmental center for ecological recreation. It caters mainly foreign tourists during their vacation in Moscow. Ecozone was founded by the Center of healing and rejuvenation. So the main accent of Ecozone is holistic health care by means of physical and spiritual practices.. On December the center adds esoteric tours to its range of services. The managers confirms that this is a niche on the market of travel services. It can not be an element of mass average tours. It’s rather a component of VIP tour, a part of personalized program for vacation in Russia.

After workshops on yogic abdominal kriyas tourists will have the opportunity to see Moscow places of power, particularly the holy springs, temples of different religions and various historical periods, other sacred places of Moscow region.

"Vacation in Russia could be much more diverse than usually tourists from other countries think", as Liya Volova says. She is a project manager at the Center of healing and rejuvenation and certified yoga teacher. – Opportunities for ecological recreations in the middle part of Russia are quite wide. For example, Moscow region has a lot of religious, esoteric and natural shrines. They are not just for sightseeing. Various health practices are available also within those places. So Ecozone decided to expand its activities in Moscow beyond education and sports. Practicing yoga, meditations and pranayama on the territory of these places of power increase their effects. Why don’t travel operators offer esoteric tours? Surely, this kind of activities in Moscow region is not a matter of mass demand. However it can be a component of a VIP vacation in Moscow."