MiscTek Technology Develops the LED Lights Partner Projects

MiscTek Technology and the Car Audio Group start the cooperation of the automobile LED lighting projects.

Online PR News – 30-November-2013 – Shenzhen – Facing with the fierce competition in the LED light industry, the manufacturers are making great efforts to expand their market shares in the industry. They not only focus on reducing the total cost of the products, but also make innovative LED lighting products to be applied in other industries.

To open the automotive LED lighting market, MiscTek Technology, an LED light manufacturer in China, has just reached an agreement with the Car Audio Group to cooperate on the automotive LED light projects of the car stereo products.

Alvin Pak, a senior officer of the MiscTek Technology at http://www.misctek.com said that the two companies would be partnership in a long-term perspective, to co-develop the energy saving projects of the automotive industry. The projects of the car audio projects with the LED light would be the key area for the business partners.

The information from Joseph Lee, the managing director of the Car Audio Group at http://www.caraudiogroup.com showed that the two companies had been working on this partnership program for a year. Right from one year ago, marketing researchers of the two companies worked closely together to analyze the business opportunities of the car stereo and LED light combination.

It is the very first time for MiscTek Technology to enter the automotive industry. The company will need ideas and suggestions from the Car Audio Group to further understand the customers’ needs and expectation of the energy saving products, so that they can hit the target more easily.

On the other hand, the Car Audio Group was working on the improvement of the car stereo products to meet the energy saving purposes. The automotive LED lighting technologies from the MiscTek Technology will certainly bring great benefits to achieve such goals.

According to Alvin Pak, the senior officer of the MiscTek Technology, the company has been looking for a partner to enter the automotive market. This partner is supposed to be capable enough to work together. Obviously, the Car Audio Group is the one that they are looking for.

Joseph Lee, the managing director of the Car Audio Group, thought the cooperation would be a great chance for the two companies. Equipped with the LED light, the latest car stereo products will be attractive enough to win more business.

The press officer pointed out that the two companies would focus on the development of the LED lighting products equipped in the car audio products in the first stage. More energy saving products will be released in the following stages.

Alvin believed that the experts in MiscTek could work closely with the counterparts in the car stereo field. They are looking for projects for the future cooperation.

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