Brain Science International is expert in the field of EEG and offers best neurotherapist educational courses which are accredited from APA, BCIA, QEEGCB and ABRET.

Online PR News – 29-November-2013 – Pleasanton – Brain Science International is world famous for offering most advanced QEEG, EEG, ERP and fQEEG reporting and analyses. Our organization is represented by some of the world’s renowned leaders in the field of neuroscience and neurophysiology. With the help of these professionals, we provide recommended protocols based of thorough research and in-depth reports. We not only provide huge tables of statistical maps and data, which are now easily accessible from traditional analysis packages dating back to the 1970s. But also, we provide in-depth understanding and analyses of the data, based on recent reference norms collected on present amplifiers with better-quality design characteristics. This in-depth comprehension is required to provide the referring treatment team a complete knowledge of the patient's clinical presentation, EEG and ERP data, and the treatment options accessible. Apart from this, we also provide neurotherapist educational courses to the interested candidates.

Also, we offer consultation on difficult cases with the great assistance of our staff of expert neurologists and other specialists. We provide our patients an understanding of EEG/ERP by relating it to various neurological conditions and how they associate to brain behaviors and performance. In short, we enlighten to the patient what the brain's activity means to their overall system in terms of every day function and behavior. We also recommend and discuss the various ways neuroscience has to improve and optimize brain function. Our patient also understands the condition of their brain system when the EEG interpretation is made easy to be understood.

We represent a sophisticated and technologically modern way to access the world's best experts in QEEG, EEG, ERP and fQEEG analysis. Our methods let the clinical practitioner to completely comprehend brain function through precise interpretations by our expert professionals. Our advanced neuromodulation procedures can be discussed and recommended by our professionals who are familiar with the most modern neuroscience tools and their various applications. In addition, we render services to its clients in multiple formats which include everything from direct-EEG report for analysis evaluations to teaching our associates and their respective associated networks EEG reports, techniques, and methods.

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