Karma mist introduces Organic and Ayurveda Skin care body sprays

Karma mist, a native of Ohio has launched exclusive handmade body moisturizers to strike the congenial balance by creating harmony between the mind and the surrounding. This promotes healthy and sustainable living.

Online PR News – 29-November-2013 – USA (Ohio), November: 28th , 2013 – Karma mist is a wholesome skincare product which works on treating different layers of skin respectively with the three exclusive aromatherapies- (rose, sandalwood & lavender) they offer in handmade Natural Skin care products. The unique line of body sprays are fresh, simple which contain healthy ingredients that are composed of botanical extracts and premium organic oils. These hand –made lotions are heavily infused with the exotic healing ailments which cure skin ailments like rashes, skin discoloration, dry/cracked skin, acne, boils and pimples. Ayurveda offers guaranteed solution for sensitive, oily, dry and combinational skin with no side effects at all.

“ONLY” novel Skincare approach:

With the rising product line in USA, Karma mist ideally uses the best suitable ingredients which are sustainably harvested and grown for meeting the strict and just guidelines. The products offered contain no artificial aromas, dyes, fragrances, sulfates, phthalates, aluminum, silicones, mineral oils, propylene glycol, parabens or petrochemicals. The Karma mist Skin care remedies are available in small quantities to retain the freshness and quality due to manual preparation. This effort in product packaging sustains the product for long time.

A senior spokesperson from the company shared, “Mist philosophy- the core for Balance and Harmony is the principle behind Karma mist, the natural body moisturizing spray. It nourishes the body which invigorates the soul. Our air-friendly moisturizer extracts the water from the surrounding and feeds the skin. The most parched and dry skin turns soft, smooth and beautiful which only intensifies with regular use. Unlike the regular moisturizers which come in solid lotions and pastes, we offer Karma mist in viscous liquid form”.

Different types of body moisturizers offered are:

1/4oz, 1oz, 2oz, 8oz Karma mist body sprays

The company is very proud to share the ancient secrets with all in form of well researched product for absolute skincare. It is a holistic product for both the men and women, which comes in different quantity and sprays. It is easy to carry the stylish sleek bottle, pumping spray, translucent bottle, big bottle flask to carry in trousers and handbags when rushing for work.
It is a dependable skin treatment which acts as a cleanser, detoxifier and moisturizer to keep the body pores open to make the skin breathe well.

What more to ask when Karma mist is here, nourishing the body externally.

About Karmamist
Karmamist is an extra rich body moisturizing spray which offers the fragrance of services from Ohio, USA. The company offers 3 premium fragrances in the spray which can be applied all day long and during night. The product will bring out the finest skin assets likely, thus spreading the radiance around.