Announces Double Delights

21st November, 2013: Once again, is making news. This time, it has come with a slight change in its look as well as integration of a ‘PayPal’ choice to offer full report about your personal character according to ancient Mayan predictions.

Online PR News – 27-November-2013 – Turkey – He addressed the audience in his usual sombre tone. “I think you are still in a dilemma, yet to decide whether to cheer or to wear a sad look”, he threw a smile. “Paypal account is not a mandatory option to use, unless you are curious to know the full report. It means, it is still possible to know partial information about your personal traits – that will also take up a few of your book pages – at free of cost. I do hope, that will give you a good reason to feel happy”, he added.

Just a month ago, Fatih talked about how he had stressed on using the most advanced technology to make customer service quicker, better and more satisfactory. Truly speaking, is very dynamic in nature as it has often undergone several changes, each of which is aimed at satisfying a large horde of online visitors who want to know about the Mayan calendar and are more interested to learn how they will sail in future.

“For me, it’s less about making money and more about introducing you to the beauty of Mayan astrology and its accuracy. I know that paying a fortune to know even a slice of your future is not what most of you like. I just wanted to break free from this common practice and so have decided to provide you with the basic information about your personal character. There is always a way to know more, but for that, you have to open your wallet”, the smile came back on his face once more.

There are some prominent changes in the website look. As soon as you enter the details (Date of Birth and whether you were born before or after sunrise), you will be transferred to a page, the upper part of which has four boxes showing ‘Your Day Sign’, ‘Your Galactic Tone’, ‘Your Trecana Sign’ and ‘Your Tree of Life’. These boxes will show information specific to your birth details. The bottom of the page, just like before, elaborates on your astrological chart according to Mayan Tzolkiin calendar. “Whether you are using my website for minimum information or want to get to the depth, you will always enjoy a different experience”.

This website is focussed on Mayan astrology and how one can know about his character and future by using a simple calculator. It is a mix of free and paid service. The users need to pay nothing to get the basic information and beyond that, you have to make a payment through PayPal.