WiseKids Announces Launch of New Educational App for Young Children

Shape the Village app provides interactive learning activities that help young children learn basic shapes through fun, imaginative experiences.

Online PR News – 27-November-2013 – Washington – WiseKids Corporation (http://company.wisekids.com/en/) announces the launch of its latest educational app, Shape the Village – An Interactive Introduction on Circles, Triangles and Squares for Kids. The educational app encourages children to become curious about the shapes hidden in their everyday surroundings by learning about the different characteristics of shapes.

The learning activities will help young children acquire the basic concepts of circles, triangles and squares, which develops their perception of geometry and spatial intelligence. In addition, these fun-filled activities for young learners – tracing, coloring, matching and combining shapes – will help them analyze and identify basic shapes.

Believing that children could learn more from an interactive education app on a smart device than they could through traditional textbook-style problem solving, WiseKids Corporation, with their team of dedicated and experienced developers, set out to create a different kind of app; one that would utilize all the unique and interactive potential smart devices have for fun-filled learning.

Shape the Village was developed to provide a “natural” educational playground for children to take charge of their own learning desire. It allows kids to play with the animated characters, move them around, and even simulates a day-and-night time frame that suggests to young children when it is bedtime.

The easy-to-play shape activities are designed for toddler and preschool-aged children and can be completed without tutorials. While playing Shape the Village, children earn character and building rewards as they complete each exercise, which encourages and motivates them to complete the construction of their village buildings and additional characters.

Shape the Village app also features an additional workbook that comes with printable, fun-filled activities and games that parents and teachers can use with their families or in their classrooms to help young children build their knowledge on the characteristics of basic shapes.

Conveniently purchased through the iTunes App Store (https://itunes.apple.com/app/id728130520), the new Shape the Village kids’ app is available for parents and teachers who are looking for interactive educational apps for young children. The app’s workbook feature even allows parents and teachers to check and manage each child’s learning status for each activity.

“Shape the Village” features:
-An interactive village designed with circles, triangles and squares
-16 intriguing activities that teach about shapes and their unique characteristics
-Intuitive, easy-to-follow exercises for young learners
-Character and building rewards for exercise completion
-Shape-learning activities like “What Shape Is It?” “Guess who?” and “Match and Complete”
-Printable workbook activities with easy-to-prepare materials
-Supported on all iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod)

To watch the trailer of this new interactive educational app for young children, visit:

Company Introduction:
About WiseKids Corporation

Established in 2010, WiseKids Corporation is the privately-owned company of Jay Kim, founder of Nexon Co., Ltd., a TSE-listed online gaming company. It was created to tap into the educational potential of smart devices, and provide creative digital content to children across the world. The company has been building a groundwork that provides digital content to children across the world.

WiseKids is committed to revitalizing emotionally rich analog content with digital technology to produce imaginative and educational experiences for children. WiseKids provides innovative, interactive content with features that spur children’s imaginations and stimulate their creativity and intelligence. While products are offered in digital format, they are based on high-quality content with analog sensibility so that children can enjoy communicating and learning through these technological devices.

For additional information on the WiseKids Corporation or “Shape the Village,” visit http://company.wisekids.com/more_apps.