No Think Diet Review Exposes Details of Dr. Charles Livingston's Diet

With the release of Dr. Charles' latest diet program, there have been many different No Think Diet reviews to hit. But does the diet really work or is it too good to be true?

Online PR News – 27-November-2013 – Medford, OR – The No Think Diet is a new addition to the weight loss products currently available in the market. At first glance, the No Think Diet can be misleading since most people interpret this as an effortless way of losing weight. It does take effort. In this review, one will be able to see the facts about the diet.

No Think Diet Authors
The No Think Diet is introduced by renowned doctor Charles Livingston together with Lori Allen. Both have extensive experience in healthy weight loss and have decided to combine their knowledge to come up with the No Think Diet. According to Livingston and Allen, the creation of the diet is primarily to aid individuals who wish to lose weight and have tried all the passing diet fads.

"The program aims to remove all the guesswork for losing weight and presents precise and complete instructions. The authors have created a comprehensive list of guidelines that users can follow without having to ask questions or rely on a subjective set of factors. Overall, we're actually quite impressed with it." reports Steven Wright.

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How It Works
The No Think Diet is different from its predecessors due to the non-traditional tips offered by Dr. Livingston. Although the program stresses the importance of healthy eating, Livingston actually excludes some natural food items from the “healthy list”. Fruits like banana have been noted as unhelpful for weight loss with a detailed explanation as to why this is the case.

The idea of detoxifying has long been introduced among weight loss programs and is not exactly new. The premise is to get rid of the cumulative waste stuck in the colon. A large part of person’s weight is due to this unnecessary waste which can be easily flushed out through a simple system. The No Think program expounds further on this particular task and provides step by step techniques on how to accomplish the task.

"The detox aspect of the diet is quite impressive. Both Dr. Charles and Allen really have extensive knowledge, and it shows." says Wright.

Exercise video Logs
Aside from a ready diet regimen, the No Think program also introduces comprehensive exercises that users can easily follow. The exercises are already compiled to target all body parts, removing the guesswork for the user. Exercise logs and diet logs are available for users to follow, allowing them to stay on schedule for their program.

Purchase and Inclusions
The product costs $47 and is available for immediate download upon purchase. All members are given complete access to the No Think Diet community, connecting them with other followers of the program. Members also get a personal diet generator to help them create a dieting program effortlessly. Dr. Livingston also provides more than 60 healthy recipes that users can choose from if they wish.

Also worth mentioning, this program comes with a full money back guarantee. For more information about The No Think Diet please click here.

No Think Benefits
The system is comprehensive and motivates users into shedding the pounds through a natural and healthy manner. Explanations for each weight loss tip are also present, providing users with deeper insight on their program.

The healthy eating system allegedly has zero side effects due to its natural nature. Dr. Livingston also presents a freer selection for food items. Although he emphasizes the unhealthy food items, the focus of the No Think Diet is balance and portion control. This makes the system less restrictive and lets users still enjoy sweet food items albeit in lesser amounts.

The system is not a quick fix and specifically designed to lose the pounds and keep them gone.

Some Downsides
The title can be misleading and needs to be further explained. Dr. Livingston’s diet may require very little thinking but needs dedication on the part of the user. In order to effectively use this program, individuals don’t just change a few things in their life but rather adapt a lifestyle change.

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