is Giving $1 Million Worth of Free Advertising
11/27/2013, an incentivized online shopping and rewards program, is offering qualifying companies a no risk advertising campaign worth up to a total of one-million-dollars.

Online PR News – 27-November-2013 – Los Angeles/CA – With StarPrime’s one-million-dollar campaign, companies have total control over where they want their ads to be seen, what type of customers they want to reach, what offers they want to give, and how much they want to spend daily on advertising. Companies also have access to edit any of these features at anytime.

StarPrime gives marketers full access to their advertising analytics in real time. The analytics show how many people their campaign reaches, how many people actually watch their advertisements, and how many consumers respond to their campaign by making an actual purchase of the product(s).

The accurate analytics also tell marketers how many StarPrime consumers ask for more information about the product(s), and how many users have added the product to their wish list. StarPrime also shows how many products are sold, the list of the products being offered, and how much money they earn through their campaign. The marketer has total control of their advertising budget, so that they can spend it carefully. StarPrime gives advertisers a ROI from their advertising spending.

Advertising is no longer a shotgun approach. Marketers can now choose their customers and empower them to buy more of their item(s). Businesses can finally manufacture products without having to guess how many will sell. has combined advertising and e-commerce into one, to help produce a solid result to their prospective client. This pay per click model will give advertisers unlimited cost per mille (CPM). They only pay if consumers watch full advertisements and respond within 30 seconds. There is no risk and at the same time, the consumer is incentivized to engage more with the advertiser’s brand.

Every campaign is also a focus group. Advertisers can create multiple campaigns and edit them at any time. No long-term contracts are used, and StarPrime offers a 90-day money back guarantee on their media buys left. not only offers users the ability to shop their favorite brands, watch their favorite TV shows, and read up on their favorite celebrities, but consumers can make up to $14.40 an hour watching their favorite ads and buying their favorite products and services of their choice with Primes. They can take The Cube (a remote advertising system) with them to surf the entire world wide web, all while earning rewards. Consumers bank their time online and earn StarPrime money that can only be used to purchase the advertiser’s products.

Brand value is never discounted on All of the products on the website are displayed at retail price, but if customers have enough Primes, they can get a discount on that product or get the product for free (very similar to airline miles). It’s a universal rewards system where consumers can buy products, receive rewards, and use those rewards anywhere on the site.

Marketing professionals are invited to try out StarPrime’s ingenious advertising model by contacting an Account Executive or signing up on To qualify for the one-million-dollar campaign, companies must be a name brand, have a distribution center for shipping or pick up, have products or services to offer and promote.

StarPrime is a premiere shopping destination with the hottest brands and products that incentivizes users to watch promotional videos and shop ‘til they drop. The masterminds behind have built amazing retail partnerships with merchants and advertisers that want to sell their products and reach their fabulous customer base. A passionate and creative team have invested their time and passion in to making StarPrime what it is today and continue to contribute to the potential of what it can become. It’s the future of advertising and e-commerce. Sign up for today and earn every click of the way.

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