Top Rated Trumpets Unveils A New Collection Of Student And Intermediate

Online PR News – 27-November-2013 – Brookfield,ma – Top Rated Trumpets is one of the leading retailers and distributors of high quality trumpets. Their forte is categorizing trumpets into student, intermediate and professional categories, and then stocking the best trumpets in each category. The company recently unveiled their latest collection of state-of-the art student and intermediate trumpets.
The trumpets are made by market leading manufacturers such as Getzen, LJ Hutchen, Allora, Etude, Giardinelli, and many others. They are all made to perfectly suit the needs of student and intermediate level trumpeters. There is a wide range of trumpets in to choose from in each category.
According to sources at Top Rated Trumpets, the new collection is supposed to give both student and intermediate trumpeters a variety to choose from. The trumpets included in the collection are the best that are available on the market.
The student trumpets include iconic brands like the Getzen 390, LJ Hutchen Bb Trumpet, Yamaha YTR-2335, Allora AATR-101 and Etude ETR-100. These trumpets are built to cater for the students’ needs as they learn the trumpet. They include features like a great and consistent sound quality – and non-corrosive body which caters for fact that students sometimes forget to clean the instruments.
They are available in a variety of price ranges from the Etude ETR-100 Student Trumpet which sells for a little over $100 to the Getzen 390 which sells around $1,100. This means that irrespective of a student’s financial standing, there is the right instrument for them. Some trumpets like the LJ Hutchen Bb Trumpet are being offered at fantastic discounts of up to 45%. This means that a student can save up to $180 on a single trumpet.
The intermediate trumpets include top-rated brands like Bach TR200, Conn 52BSP Connstellation, King 2055 Silver Flair, Giardinelli GTR-512 and Getzen 590S-S Capri. They are built to cater for the needs of advancing trumpeters who are soon to be professionals. They contain great features like professional-quality tone, superb response, and versatility to deal with a range of uses.
The intermediate trumpets are available at competitive rates ranging from the Giardinelli GTR-512 which goes for around $800 to the Bach TR200 which is priced around $1800. Some like the King 2055 Silver Flair Series Bp Trumpet are being offered at generous discounts of up to 42%, meaning that a buyer saves up to $900 on a single purchase.
All the trumpets are manufactured from the highest quality materials on the market. Each trumpet is also double checked by a certified professional before being shipped to ensure that it is in peak condition. There even used trumpets which are available at bargain prices. The bottom line is that there are top quality trumpets available for all student and intermediate players.
Ultimately, every professional trumpeter knows that mastery of the instrument is to a great extent determined by the kind of trumpet one learns from. Top Rated Trumpets has just unveiled a collection of instruments which can set every student or intermediate player on the path to mastery. It is a rare opportunity that anyone who is fascinated by the trumpet should take advantage of.
Details of the instruments in the new collection can be found at the Top Rated Trumpets official website