New Software May Make Small Investors Millionaires

Protraderforex—announces Destiny 3.33, a home PC version of forex trading software that doubles investor money every year.

Online PR News – 14-August-2009 – – Highland Heights, OH ( Onlineprnews ) August 13, 2009 - Protraderforex—announces ( Destiny 3.33, a home PC version of forex trading software that doubles investor money every year. The concept is if you start with just $200 then doubled it you would have $400. Do that 14 times and you would have $3,276,800

Rich Henry, President of Protraderforex says, “Now that 73 percent of homes in the USA have computers we need to put them to work. Not playing video games, but making people money. For the first time, anyone that knows how to use a home computer can profit directly from it.”

Everyday more than 2 trillion dollars are traded in the forex market as compared to just 50 billion for the stock market. The problem is that 95% of people lose 100% of their initial investment money trying. The 5% that do make money are staggeringly rich. Now it is possible to be one of the lucky 5 percent.

A typical small investor has limited funds available for trading. So they look to leverage their money in high-risk instruments like penny stocks. Buy for 1 penny and hope it goes to a dollar. This rarely ever happens. However, trading on the forex market gives the small investor just as much if not more leverage, which he can use to his advantage.

The forex market gives the investor the chance to double his money continuously. This is possible by the amount of leverage available. A typical forex account has 1:100 leverage. Some have 1:200 and higher. This means that for every dollar invested you are controlling 100 dollars. A small move in the price will result in a large profit.

Software that could help anyone profit in this market has been highly sought after for years. It is now possible. The new software also known as an expert advisor, will start opening and closing trades all day and night as the forex market operates 24 hours a day. The winning formula in trading this market is just a set of equations, which a computer can easily solve. Using mathematical principles, a high probability set of trades can be opened and then closed for a profit daily. When a trade closes the money is added to the account balance.

As the account balance grows the software compounds the profit. Compounding of profits is one of the more difficult problems to solve for the average investor. The software does this automatically. Not losing your money is just as important as making money to a successful investor. Account protection is always enabled which protects an investor account from an unexpected shift.

All of this is done using a typical home computer, with a broadband connection preferably. To get started, the investor needs only to open a ( forex trading account with a minimum of $2000 deposit and start the Destiny 3.33 software, which is totally free.

Complete details including, performance, trading strategy and data for months of trading can be viewed at the website. To get started visit You can open up a live trading account and get the free software from there.

Protraderforex is a cutting edge technology software development and manufacturing company located in Highland Heights, OH. Protraderforex is a leader in automated trading expert advisor software.

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