The Free Online Event Registration Software from eventsbot is Available Now

eventsbot’s Free Online Event Registration System Rolled Out in Market

Online PR News – 27-November-2013 – US, Nov 26, 2013 – US, Nov 26, 2013 - A comprehensive event scheduling software from eventsbot is out. The software helps attendees to book event tickets to their favorite events swiftly. It has a user-friendly interface and great functional options to book and schedule any event within fraction of seconds. The operability of event registration software is worth mentioning.

Not only does the eventsbot help in scheduling and registration of events, but it also brings quick and secured payment making and collection. Furthermore, events can be promoted to huge number of attendees, irrespective of the ethnic or geographical limitations.

Director at eventsbot was of the opinion that, “we have created eventsbot on the very idea- to offer a simple and easy way to attendees to book the events. Our software has unique set of features that will quickly remove hassles related to the event registration process. While creating the eventsbot software, we had the thought to provide the attendees with a quick, user-friendly and free online event registration system. We have realized it.”

Whether it is about hosting any large event, or going for a petite event, eventsbot can manage and program. Since it is web based software, there is no need for downloading on the desktop.


Mark - I am using eventsbot to provide quick event registration services to the attendees and they are just happy about it. I have had lot of attendees coming and thanking me for providing them a cool online events ticketing software. And, I thank eventsbot in return. This amazing online event ticketing software is wonderful and it gives everything that my attendees want.

eventsbot is a broad-spectrum event scheduling software offering free online event registration and scheduling. The comprehensive and user-friendly interface of eventsbot is offering cutting edge options to event planners for planning every type of big and small event. The online event software can easily manage seminars, musical concerts, conferences, tradeshows, award functions and meetings. The best thing to note about eventsbot is that events are easy to schedule, list and change at the convenience of user. Registering of events can be done from across the globe. The online event scheduling software eliminates the time lags. With innovative registration and scheduling features, eventsbot has created the revolution in booking of online events.