EITAGlobal Organizing a 2-day In-person Seminar: Anatomy of Agile Enterprise. By Janne J. Korhonen

EITAGlobal, leading providers of continuous professional education for the IT industry, will hold a two-day, in-person seminar in san Francisco on the topic, “Anatomy of Agile Enterprise” on December 12 and 13, 2013 (Thursday and Friday).

Online PR News – 27-November-2013 – California – What the seminar is about:
There is no doubt that the most powerful wave to hit the world in the recent past, and one that has changed almost every facet of life is Information Technology (IT). The industry is so vast and profound that IT has a fundamental impact in organizations and the society at large.
How do organizations that are in the IT industry handle it? They have to contend with phenomena such as unprecedented computing power, infinity of virtual space and ubiquitous connectivity. More than anything else, this is an industry that is always in a state of disruption and flux. It changes very often and very dramatically. In this backdrop, organizations have to be on their toes and be prepared to make huge changes at the drop of a hat to create enterprise effectiveness, increase flexibility and enable entirely new business models.
One of the established, traditional paradigms of the industry has been, “IT follows business”. There is nothing wrong with this approach, so long as the organization was situated in the relatively stable and predictable business environments of the past. But with the unimaginable speed and nature of change that has swept the industry; this approach falls pathetically short. Today, even an organization’s competitive advantage is in a state of unceasing flux. What should IT do in these tumultuous times? It must come out of the shell and reinvent itself. It should sharpen its competitive weapon and determine the way in which business is conducted. A very effective way of doing this is adapt the Agile Approach.
This seminar is structured to provide a clear understanding of how to anticipate and manage this all-important change. If this change is not foreseen or handled properly; the result is catastrophic. This session, which will be giving an overview of the Agile Approach, is well suited for senior IT and business managers in large information-intensive organizations, who think about IT strategically from a business perspective, about matters like how to integrate information technology, business strategy and organizational change management into a coherent, systemic whole to enable enterprise agility. The cross-disciplinary research findings and cutting-edge industry practices leveraged in the seminar will provide participants with additional insights into the “anatomy of agile enterprise” in an elaborated and informative manner.
This learning is critical for IT companies because about two-thirds of IT projects fail today because of the enterprise's inability to give IT the space it requires. This outlook results in the failure to complete IT projects or automation. The cost of such inefficiency is extremely huge: five percent of the GDP, or loss of three billion dollars to the economy. In the case of large IT projects, the figure is even more disturbing: large IT projects are 20 times more likely to fail than in other industries.
At this session, the speaker will cover the following areas:
o Agile Imperative
o Agile Strategy
o Agile Organization
o Agile Leadership
o Agile Governance
o Agile Architecture
o Agile IT
Date and timings: December 12th & 13th, 2013 | 8:45 AM to 4:30 PM
Venue: San Francisco, CA


About the Speaker:
Janne J. Korhonen is an independent business and IT consultant, specializing in organization design, enterprise architecture and governance. He brings long-time versatile experience as an architect and consultant in a variety of strategic, enterprise-scale and mission-critical IT projects.
In his consulting, he leverages multi-disciplinary research insights and leading edge practices to facilitate systemic co-development of technological, organizational and individual capabilities. He is specialized in how information technology can be governed and applied strategically to catalyze organizational agility. His interventions aim at transformational vertical development with the potential of order-of-magnitude gains.

The agenda:
The seminar will have the following agenda:
Day 1 –Agenda
Lecture 1: Introduction and Overview
Lecture 2: Agility Imperative
Lecture 3: Enterprise as a System: Fundamental Perspectives
Lecture 4: Dealing with the Wickedly Complex Environment
Lecture 5: In Need of Agile Strategy
Lecture 6: On the Lookout for Agile Organization Form
Lecture 7: Structure Follows Strategy
Lecture 8: The Art of Enterprise Transformation
Lecture 9: Tools and Methods
Lecture 10: Questions and Answer
Day 2 –Agenda
Lecture 1: Review of Day 1
Lecture 2: New Demands of IT Leadership
Lecture 3: The Changing Relationship between Business and IT
Lecture 4: IT Governance: from Conformance to Performance
Lecture 5: Three Architectures: Technical, Socio-Technical, Ecosystemic
Lecture 6: Towards IT-Driven Strategy
Lecture 7: Tools and Methods
Lecture 8: Questions and Answers, Recap and Summary
For whom:
This seminar will benefit:
o Executive Vice president
o General Manager

About EITA Global:
EITA Global is a specialized offering from NetZealous LLC, a technology and business process solutions and services company registered in Fremont, CA. it is a provider of premier trainings in the IT industry.
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EITA Global gives high importance to physical interaction between the Expert and the attendees. It believes in the philosophy that learning is facilitated best when the Expert is present at arm's length to interact with and have issues and pain areas clarified.
EITA Global's seminars are a logical outcome of the experience its parent company, NetZealous LLC has imbibed while organizing seminars in their other lines of business in various domains of the continuing professional education industry.
EITA Global’s seminars are meeting points for participants and Experts over two days of insightful learning. These seminars assist participants with accreditations and affiliations with respective industry-specific regulatory bodies.
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