Laser East, Inc. has Chosen Clever Maniacs as Marketing Agency Partner

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Online PR News – 27-November-2013 – Commack, NY – Laser East Inc. is an established med spa service and laser provider that has chosen Clever Maniacs as its marketing agency partner for redesigning the branding, web presence and social media to promote the most excellent physician services in retinal photography and laser support to plastic surgeons, cosmetic specialists and ophthalmologists as well as it’s med spa located in Commack, New York.

The aim of the company in choosing Clever Maniacs as its marketing agency is to further promote the company online thru multiple channels that include AdWords and SEO.

Laser East Inc. has operated its business for over thirty years providing services to clients that include laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, acne scar removal, age spot removal, Titan and Fraxel smoothing and skin tightening, Zerona, teeth whitening and weight loss and the like.

Clever Maniacs was chosen by the company as it further manages the social media presence and promotes the company as it creates it’s new image, new logo, updated website, increased social media presence and even managing Laser East’s brand journalism as regards press releases, articles, stories, and blogs that are based on service commitments and the product mix at the company.

Clever Maniacs is a group of cool and qualified professionals that have a great focus on marketing plans that further provide real and optimum business solutions. The group is dedicated, focused, clever, enthusiastic and determined to take a huge and unique step in creating campaigns for the Laser East Inc.

Tony and Cherie further created a marketing and branding strategy that provides fast-achievable and immediate results. Laser East Inc. recognized the need for taking the business from being established for over thirty years, as an existing brand into something that is relevant and identifies how the company has grown. Laser East was recognized in the Distinctive Living Fall 2013 magazine as a recommend source for Laser Tattoo Removal in Long Island. This press has resulted in a dramatic increase in visits to the med spa’s new website,

It is expected that the Clever Maniacs, Inc. will continue to provide good results for Laser East, Inc. in regard to the promotion and marketing strategy that has been set out.

Laser East, Inc is an established med spa service provider that is located in 6143 Jericho Turnpike Commack, NY and is assisted by Clever Maniacs, Inc. that is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

If you are interested to learn more about Laser East, Inc. and Clever Maniacs, Inc. feel free to visit them on the following websites/contacts 631-858-2325 and 1-855-411-5628.