Certes Realty Ltd extends its CSR campaign Flip4Green amid growing awareness about paper wastage

The Real Estate Advisory firm has created a ‘system’ through which they feel that they can generate awareness regarding optimum usage of paper in corporate offices.

Online PR News – 27-November-2013 – Gurgaon – Corporate India has been coming up with innovative and commendable initiatives over the past few years on issues ranging from education, self-employment, female empowerment and other relevant fields. But perhaps, one area closer to home that could have done with some attention was rarely on the agenda – Paper wastage.

Paper manufacturing industry stands at a staggering Rs 40,000croreannual turnover. The actual produce is well over 10 million tonnes, yet only 20% is recovered for recycling. This leads to a constant demand for fresh paper resulting in usage of more water, fuel and electricity. Corporate India, which depends on paper in every little way, has perhaps, found a solution.

Certes Realty, a Real Estate Advisory firm with offices in Delhi and Gurgaon, has come up with a unique solution called Flip4Green that they have successfully launched within their associate companies and partners.

Under Flip4Green, Certes Realty take single side used A4 sized sheets, the most common size of paper used in offices, and turns them into usable notebooks by ‘Flipping’ or utilizing the un-used side. These are then sent back to the company after getting draped in customized covers with their insignia or logo.

Mr. Ramesh Menon, Director, Certes Realty explains, “Flip4Green works on the basic premise of ‘A penny saved is a penny earned’. What people don’t realize is that recycling in itself is a very expensive procedure. While it does result in fewer trees cut down, one can perhaps make a larger impact if the paper already in hand is utilized fully. With my 20+ yr experience in the corporate sector, I know very few firms that have a policy to promote usage on both sides of the sheet. If the unused sides of the sheets are also utilized, theoretically, the paper usage will come down by 50%.”

Mr. Menon’s concerns are not unfounded. Barring a handful of firms, A4 sized sheets face a rather unproductive use in Indian corporate circles. Whereas it finds utility in forms of memos, letters, reports and other printouts, rarely would one see it getting used on both the sides.

While initially Flip4Green was supposed to be a more closed program for just a few close associate and partner firms, the positive and unexpected response has encouraged Certes Realty to scale it to a larger level. “To be really honest, we weren’t expecting such a big response. With work being so hectic for everyone, we didn’t really think that people outside our work circle would be as enthusiastic. This just proves how everyone wants to do something for the environment, and is simply looking for opportunities. We provided that with a simple initiative. We hope more and more people adopt it, even on an individual level.”, says Mr. Menon.

To promote it further, they have also started the Pick-n-Drop service. Firm are encourages to collect papers in stacks in their office premises, and after a substantial number of papers are collected, they can give the F4G people a call and get the papers picked up and delivered back in notebook forms. “We wanted to make sure that no cost need be incurred by people wanting to do good. That’s why we have started the pick-n-drop service. We have also entrusted the responsibility of creating these notebooks to Women who are differently abled, to encourage them to take up a paying vocation because we don’t think our efforts need to restrictive to just paper. We want to make the best of the given opportunities. That why we don’t call it out CSR campaign, but ‘giving back to the society’.” feels Mr. Menon.

Certes Realty puts F4G stickers on every file that comes in and goes out of the office, to promote the idea. Blogs and videos explaining the creation of these notebooks can be found on their website too. They have already been able to collect 1,83,512 sheets and make 7,340 F4G notebooks. If you wish to donate paper or learn more about Flip4Green, you could visit their website at www.flip4green.in.

Certes Realty came up with this initiative in collaboration with nailbites Advertising, the agency behind conceptualizing and executing the entire initiative and promoting it with absolute conviction. “It’s always a great pleasure to work for a cause which goes beyond just numbers and facts. Flip4Green is a real green cause which is creating true impact on environment.”, added Mr.Tarun Jangid of nailbites.