Craig Augenstein Launches FRESHER MOUTH

FRESHER MOUTH offers Rolly Mini Toothbrush, the world’s smallest toothbrush. Rolly toothbrush is discreet, doesn’t need water, or toothpaste and only takes minutes to use

Online PR News – 27-November-2013 – Columbia, SC 29206 – Craig Augenstein announced the launch of FRESHER MOUTH. FRESHER is the online home of the Rolly Toothbrush, the world’s smallest disposable toothbrush.

FRESHER MOUTH was created to meet the needs of business professionals, students, travelers and anyone who is always on the go. The Rolly is the world's smallest throwaway toothbrush. Use it virtually anywhere to give you great oral hygiene and fantastic breath.

Every Rolly Brush comes with 276 Mini Bristles that work in a mechanical fashion on your teeth. These tiny little bristles are made of soft polyammide and are coated in Xylitol and Fluorite to help the Rolly to: Remove dental plague from your teeth, Clean the tongue, Massage the gums without irritation, Make teeth stronger (Fluoride), Reduces dental plaque (Xylitol)

The world's smallest toothbrush has been a huge success Internationally and is making its debut in the United States. The Rolly toothbrush has sales totaling $78 million. It is currently being sold in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and Japan.

Again, FRESHER is the online home of the Rolly Brush, the World's Smallest ToothBrush! Use the Rolly Brush as a disposable toothbrush Anytime!