Clearwater, Florida Bail Bonds Office Hires New Seasoned Bail Bondsman

49th Street Bail Bonds Hires Gena Barina to fill Bail Bondsman Vacancy

Online PR News – 26-November-2013 – Clearwater, Florida – 49th Street Bail Bonds in Pinellas County, Florida announces the recent hiring of their newest bail bondsman Gena Barina. Gena is a seasoned bail bondsman in the state of Florida with 25 years of experience.

“I am excited to join 49th Street Bail Bonds. The majority of my career I have worked in the Pinellas County, Florida area writing bail bonds so I am very familiar with the county court system, the Pinellas County Jail and their procedures when posting bond. I am a Pinellas County, Florida native as well so I’m quite familiar with the area and its residents” says Gena Barina, 49th Street Bail Bonds newest bail bondsman.

49th Street Bail Bonds is located at 12211 49th Street North, Suite #2 in Clearwater, FL 33762. Their experienced bail bond agents are available to guide clients through the court process and what documentation will be needed to quickly bond out of jail.
“It can be a very traumatic time for families when a loved one is arrested. For many of our clients it is the first time they have had to bond someone out of jail so they really don’t know what to expect nor do they know how the Pinellas County Jail works.

As a bail bondsman I educate our clients and help them through the Pinellas County Court process to expedite the bail bonds process. Paperwork is key and paying attention to court dates. If a client misses a court date then the bail bond process gets disrupted so things may take longer. My goal is to not let this happen so our clients bond out of the Pinellas County jail quickly” states Barina.

49th Street Bail Bonds is experienced in bailing clients out of jail. Our bail bondsmen will explain how the bail process works, provide clients with timelines of court dates and offer assistance with paperwork. Barina adds “often time’s clients think there is a difference in the bail bonds process depending on the charges. I am often asked if the bail bond process for domestic violence is the same as the process for bonding out of jail for a DUI or assault arrest. The process is the same however what can vary is the bail bond dollar amount and other penalties that would apply depending on the case. When bonding out of the Pinellas County Jail the booking, fingerprinting and paperwork process does not change. We do advise clients to pay close attention to the Pinellas County Court appearance schedule though because dates and times can change. It’s very important that our clients are present for their court appearances.”

49th Street Bail Bonds in Clearwater, Florida is available to bond people out of jail for a variety of arrests and charges including: theft, assault, domestic violence, domestic battery, DUI, drugs, alcohol, hit and run accidents, arson and burglary.

“Over the years we have bonded people out of jail for most charges. When a person is arrested outside the state of Florida there may be some differences with bonding out of jail because laws do vary from state to state. We encourage consumers to call us if they are looking to bond out of jail no matter what the charges are. My staff is extremely talented and will guide consumers on the best way to bond out of jail fast” states Joe VonWaldner, owner of 49th Street Bail Bonds.

Barina adds “With the holidays approaching we do see an increase people needing to bond out of jail for various charges including DUI, domestic violence, domestic battery and drug and alcohol related charges. Holiday related thefts also are on the rise. People are struggling with the economy so we have been bonding people out of jail for theft related crimes as well. We encourage Pinellas County residents to be careful this holiday season however if they are arrested or have a friend or loved one that needs to bond out of jail we hope they will call 49th Street Bail Bonds. We are here to help and guide them through the Pinellas County Jail bail bond process.”

49th Street Bail Bonds is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Consumers can contact a 49th Street Bail Bonds licensed and insured bail bondsmen at 727-592-000 to bond out of jail or visit online at