Nuspire Networks Releases Report On the Threat Landscape of Remote & Branch Office Networks

Nuspire Networks, a global leader in enterprise network security services, released a White Hat Laboratory Report containing research to the threat landscape of remote and branch office networks.

Online PR News – 26-November-2013 – Commerce, Michigan – COMMERCE, Michigan. – Nuspire Networks, a global leader in enterprise network security services, released a White Hat Laboratory Report containing research to the threat landscape of remote and branch office networks. Data from thousands of WAN centric, geographically disbursed, networks across the globe reveals that new and more complex threats increase the risks remote locations, such as what retail and branch offices, now face.
The report states that in one month port scanning of remote locations increased over 38%. During that same time, credential guessing increased 52%. The rise in network access attempts is also confirmed by the Nuspire Security Analyst Team (SAT) experts. “In recent months we see around 459 failed attempts for every one instance of successful network access,” says Tim Gallagher, SAT Lead at Nuspire Networks. “We think this can be attributed to the increased complexity of networks, as well as the lack of resources many remote locations have at their disposal. Challenges from current technologies such as mobility, guest access, and BYOD have created situations many locations are not capable of tackling on their own. These situations, combined with the misguided perception that small networks do not need the same security as a corporate enterprise, can actually make these network locations targets.”
A recent poll, by the National Cyber Security Alliance, corroborates Gallagher’s thoughts on the threat perception. According to The National Cyber Security Alliance, more than 30% polled think they will take a bolt of lightning through the chest before they see their computers violated in an internet attack. “What those polled are missing,” said Gallagher, “is the fact that you do not have to be an enterprise network to be a target.” In the past month, Gallagher and the security experts at the Nuspire Security Operations Center (SOC) have responded to over 4.7 million severe security incidents at remote and branch office locations. Only 29% of those could have been stopped with the traditional hardware and software systems deployed at most remote locations.
“The threat landscape for a remote or branch office network is grim,” says Gallagher. “The adoption of new technologies has created significant vulnerabilities. Because the threat perception is incorrect at these locations, there is often little being done to mitigate these risks. Organizations need to realize that traditional hardware and software based security systems are insufficient at remote locations these days. Organizations need to apply the same human analytics, security teams, and proactive response to remote locations as they do their corporate headquarters.”
An infographic on security trends for remote, branch, and retail office networks can be found at

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