Rising S Bunkers Announces the Release of an All New Line of Storm Shelters

Rising S Bunkers is Releasing a Brand New Line of Storm Shelters Called “Super Storm Shelters”. These Shelters Will offer a myriad of amenities such as have not been offered in earlier models.

Online PR News – 26-November-2013 – Kemp, TX – Rising S Bunkers is excited to announce the launch of their all new Super Storm Shelter. Rising S Bunkers is a company that specializes in manufacturing custom made, underground steel bunkers. Starting today they are launching an all new series of their custom made tornado and storm steel shelters.
Their custom built storm shelters can range in size based on your needs. Their smallest residential shelter is 4 x 8 and can hold up to 6 people and cost you up to $5,400 while the largest residential shelter is 8 x 10 and can hold up to 14 people costing you up to $12,900. Rising S also offers a 10 x 50 which can protect a large group of people, like a church, business, recreation center or small school.
Their storm shelters aren’t your typical run of the mill storm shelters. They offer features such as bench seating, storage shelves, generators, solar panels, bunk beds, 12 volt appliances, LED lighting and a composting or traditional toilet. They can also be engineered to be wheelchair and handicap accessible. Additionally, they can be upgraded to have a centralized unlocking system for scenarios where they are multiple shelters located apart from one another. In other words, they are completely customizable giving you the option to add or take away any amenities as you see fit for your specific needs.
Not only are their storm shelters and bunkers built with steel but they are also coated with a thick 150 year rubberized coating. This helps protect against cracking, corrosion, mold, moisture or collapses. They are also built underground so there is no unpleasant eyesores in your front or backyard. Being built underground is also an added protection against tornadoes.
The storm shelters that Rising S offer exceed every FEMA requirements set forth in the 320 and 361 guidelines as well as the 2008 standards from ICC500/FEMA. The shelters are specially engineered so as to use high winds to its advantage by allowing nature’s force to increase its virtual weight.
Rising S Bunkers is located in Kemp, TX but they deliver their bunkers, storm shelters and safe rooms all over the country.

Visit Rising S Bunkers on there website http://www.risingsbunkers.com/