Brick Vents - Lloyd Industries Offers Better Option for Wall Ventilation

The holes are created at regular intervals in between the bricks.

Online PR News – 25-November-2013 – Montgomeryville - Pennsylvania – Many prefer bricks masonry to be used for their structures as brick structures have many benefits. Bricks can produce some of the architectural masterpieces and they are very durable. Home owners prefer bricks for their structures because bricks are very good at blocking the noise and are fire-resistant and are also resistant to any termite infestation. Bricks are also very good eco-friendly materials. Bricks have many advantages as building materials but they can create major problems if not taken care of properly. As bricks have pores they soak up moistures especially during rainy seasons and storms. If this moisture is not removed from the brick walls in time then it could cause mold formation or efflorescence. To keep the house owners free from such worries, some kind of ventilation is needed in the brick walls so that moisture could be removed effectively. At Lloyds Industries Inc, Brick Vents of two types are offered so that brick walls could ventilate well.

“Some house owners prefer to have holes in the brick walls which are called weep holes and these are done to allow the trapped moisture inside these walls to come out. It is important for the house owners to know why Brick Vents offered by us are the better alternative for moisture control than that of weep holes”, says CEO Lloyds Industries Inc. Lloyd Industries has become a leading supplier of varieties of house ventilation products like ceiling dampers, fire dampers, fire & smoke dampers and others. Our company aims at providing high quality products that will make the lives of the house owners and residents free from any ventilation related problems “, states a senior official of the company. 1” Flanged Brick Vent and 4” Channel Brick Vent are the two products that we offer to our customers. Apart from providing premium quality products, 24 hours customer support for the products are available.

Weep Holes are the small holes that are created when small opening near the bottom of a brick wall is left. The holes are created at regular intervals in between the bricks. There are chances that by mistake some mortar or other materials are put into these holes and they are blocked. These holes can also become the gateway for the rodents and insects. In such cases pest infestations can become a major problem. “At Lloyd Industries Inc, we are quite aware of how to take care of moisture problems of the brick walls and when our Brick Vents are installed, you will have enough breathing space for your walls and the rooms will be well ventilated. Rooms will always have better air flow with such vents.” To know more about such products from us, log on to the website .