Patent Attorney at Baron Warren Redfern Appeared on Global News Network

Jerry Bridge-Butler, Patent Attorney at Baron Warren Redfern appeared on Global News Network Al Jazeera as an expert in the industry to discuss the new European patent concerning IVF treatment.

Online PR News – 25-November-2013 – London – Baron Warren Redfern’s patent attorney, Jerry Bridge-Butler was introduced as the ‘patent specialist from London’ before joining in the controversial subject on the show. Jerry was asked to comment on the patent granted to Stanford University to improve the selection of embryos that are used in IVF.

Currently the likelihood of an IVF treatment being successful is 30 per cent, however if the method is improved it could dramatically increase the chances of successful treatment.

Jerry attended the interview at very short notice and was aware of the questions that were going to be put forward regarding the situation. Regardless of the lack time to prepare for the interview, the patent attorney’s interview was broadcasted to over 220 million houses worldwide across 100 different countries with his expert knowledge of patent applications and processes.

Jerry Bridge Butler, representing the London based patent attorneys Baron Warren Redfern was asked by the Adrian Finighan to explain the Stanford patent and why it has caused such a controversy.

Controversy surrounds the Stanford patent as a group of leading clinicians has formally opposed it on moral grounds. The clinicians claim the subject matter relates to a process, which is natural and should not be restricted and that methods of treatment of the human body are not patentable. The patent concerns a method of choosing embryos according to the manner in which they develop in the initial hours after conception.

Mr Bridge-Butler said: “It was a very difficult subject on which to be interviewed, as it concerns matters which are very controversial in patent law. The interviewer obviously wanted me to pass judgement on the moral question of patenting a kind of IVF treatment, but I had to tread carefully, as it is not CIPA’s place to make such pronouncements. I tried to instead to make sure the facts were straight, and that the real position could be understood.

“I only had a very short time to prepare, as I had to cross London to get to the studio. A quick read of the patent claims, and two internet blog articles about the patent were all I had to go on. I also had no idea how Al Jazeera was reporting the matter, and it was a bit of a shock when I saw sensational the initial reporting was. I tried to set the record straight.

“The studio was a blackened room with a panorama of London on one wall. All I could see was the camera in front of me, and I could only hear the questions I was asked through a fuzzy ear piece. However, it was a fun experience.”

The interview with Mr. Bridge-Butler took place in Knightsbridge, London although Al Jazeera is in usually broadcast from a studio in Doho, Qatar.

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